July 2023 Study Article 29: Are You Ready for the GT (part 3)

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  • blondie

    Had to take a break to get my chores caught up; Last section: Strengthen Your Love

    This implies that any jw had "real" love or knew what it was outside the WTS definition. Many jws just perpetuate the type of love they were show in their congregation

    I left the WTS finally, where I realized that the WTS and its members didn't show the Christlike love they sad they did, that they were the only ones that did. (Ha!)

    During the Pandemic, jws had an easier time faking love. No longer at the meetings and have to give a semblance, most just avoided it by not talking to people, talking about them behind their back, etc. Now that everyone is supposed to come back to in person meetings, they have lost their skills at avoiding people they don't really like and hiding it. Diversity! Avoidance is the name of the game. I invited many people to my house, but never an invite back, but they would say, "We have to get together for dinner some time. Five years later, I was still waiting for an invite. Or the people who had not talked to each other for 10 years, sitting on other sides of the KH, refusing to go to the same "book study" as some people, getting out of pairing up with those people in door to door, even to the point that one elder in one congregation who scheduled talks, would not schedule speakers from another congregation and not talked to his brother who was an elder for 20 years until his brother died (just lived 40 miles from each other). It is a fantasy that jws welcome people other than their close "circle of friends" - cliques. (weasel words, likely, perhaps) Some elders, would point out to me that Jesus loved some of the apostles more than others, pointing to John "the beloved" apostle, but obviously the others did not know that as they found several times with each other who was the greatest. Are jws following this admonition from WT publications "According to Peter, why can we not limit our brotherly affection to those to whom we are naturally attracted? On the pretext that the Scriptures allow for our having warmer feelings for some brothers than for others, are we inclined to rationalize our feelings? ( 20:2)"

    The WTS mentions responding with "frequent calls and messages" but the only time elders seem to have time to do this is to discuss some failing a jw is reported to have.

    Personalities that irritate us, difficult to get along with, different backgrounds...people who are irritating and difficult. Verbally abusive or spiritually abusive? (weasel words, obviously)

    Love vital during GT...find protection? "Inner rooms" has been defined by the WTS "may refer" to the local congregation (not a building though). "Seems" like those words "also apply to us" (only jws though) "stick close" show compassion" What is the motivation per the WTS: "reward us with eternal life in a world "where disasters and tribulation will be forgotten (with a convient labotomy).

    Further reading: https://jwfacts.com/pdf/the-truth-changes-doug-mason.pdf p. 16

  • LongHairGal


    Good post. I’ve been out of the JW religion many years and I think you are more recently out.

    I believe that the over two-year coronavirus absence must have changed a lot of Witnesses..as they now have to learn all over again how to act around other JWs that they dislike.

    As far as you waiting years for invitations to materialize from the phonies there, I had long ago given up on that - and that’s when I was a ‘believer’. These invitations or friendliness were never going to be extended to me. Maybe to some pioneer(s), but not a working woman.

    I remember having a conversation with a sister (also a working woman) who said: ‘if JWs aren’t friendly now when it’s favorable season, what makes you think they would be friendly or helpful during the GT?’ I was inclined to believe this as well.

    It’s truly hopeless in that religion and I’m sorry for people still there imagining they are in a ‘brotherhood’.. I knew better.

  • FedUpJW
    The WTS mentions responding with "frequent calls and messages" but the only time elders seem to have time to do this is to discuss some failing a jw is reported to have.

    There were no calls or messages for my parents before they died. Yes, the total lack of any love from their congregation was just one of the stronger straws on the camels back. Fortunately there hasn't been one single attempt at contact with me from any elder in the area I live for nearly three years now, although there is one older fellow that is PIMI that still has a little to do with me.

    As my father said close to the end of his life, and I've quoted him on these threads more than once, "JW's have "love" on their lips, but NONE in their hearts!"

    Am I ready for any alleged G.T.? Bring it on! I know who I will refuse to have anything to do with if it happens!

  • Foolednomore

    When We lived in the US we were the odd family. No one spoke to us or invited us over for anything. There was a Spanish family in the hall that was odd like us. But you could really see the little groups in the hall. And the Spanish family and us were not part of the group. Very loving people.

  • Hellothere

    They written in watchtower, for congregations to be blessed with members and people from district attending meetings, their must be strong Cristian love in congregations. My thoughts is how can their be strong Christian love in a cooperation.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Another assembly season and more WT's about the ''end''' being close.

  • Listener

    You mention a situation where two Elders, maternal brothers and in seperate Congregations wouldn't talk to each other. How does this happen in Jehovah's Organisation? Elders are meant to be exemplary.

    What love can they have amongst each other if two JWs in very high standing can't show it for their own family. It's not like they could have done something seriously wrong as they have been appointed Elders

  • WTWizard

    And what about those they dislike for a reason, usually because they are abusive? They are supposed to submit to such abuse--including those who are excessively judgmental as a habit? This is why I didn't like working with certain "brothers", who would invariably be the same ones that would show up 15 minutes late and bust up arrangements that were already made. Or those who never accepted any partial solution to real problems as valid.

    I would have been better off under coronavirus. At least those are not judgmental.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Another convention season of governing body praise of course too....I almost forgot about that too.

  • WingCommander

    JW's: "Have a form of Godly devotion, yet prove false to it's powers."

    Christianity completely escapes them. It's all symbolism over substance.

    Jesus said his followers would be easy to recognize by the love they showed towards one another. A JW Congregation is like a den of vipers!

    Jesus also said the Commandments could be narrowed down to the just 2: "Love your neighbours as yourself, and look after orphans and widows." The JW's do neither, and couldn't care less.

    They are false prophets and are a Pharasitical Neo-Judaic Cult masquerading as a legitimate Christian denomination.

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