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  • philo

    Hello Everyone

    I have been an inactive poster here for months now. Present in spirit, watching the house filling up as more H2O refugees like me trample the border. Reading your great posts, laughing and crying with both anger and mirth, getting off on all the sex-talk. But not once did I post up.

    Sitting at the back now, I symbolize my fallen status from the regular poster that I once was. Too <sob> too shamed I have felt, even to supplicate the Jedis for their warm oily hands to soothe that … part of me which cries out for expression.

    But I have been changed of late. My partner has left me to live in the mid-west with her folks.

    "I need space", she pleaded, "and space needs me. Where else can I hope to be abducted by the Borg for a third time?" And so she flew.

    The electricity was cut off through my negligence, and at exactly this time I lost my black cat Thomas. A near fatal bout of acute hypochondria promised to give me the romantic death I longed for, and then reneged on its demonic contract. And through all this, my dog E'hud has made it clear to me that he despises my intelligence.

    And so here I am - what you see. Begging for undeserved attention and enough space to park one bony spiritual buttock on the bench of life. Though I am not worthy of being a full-time poster anymore, please make me one of your hired hands.


  • Moxy

    this post is nothing if not eloquent.


  • neyank

    Hi philo,
    With a post like that of course you can be our hired hand.

    As Monty Hall would say " C'MON DOWN! "


  • Jang

    Philo, if you ever want to get your priviliges back you will need to show true repentence! :D

    A book study of the Oricles of HooHaa for 6 months, plus regular attendance is required.


  • teejay


    i was thinking along with Jang: you need to show works
    befitting repentance...


    go slop them hogs. then come in to the feast we have
    prepared for you. and welcome.

  • SixofNine

    You're the one!!!

    You used to post those great stories in the dating forum over on witnet, right? C'mon, I know it was you.

    Glad to have your wit back on this board.

  • think41self

    Hi Philo,

    Welcome to the board...or is it welcome back?

    Looking forward to hearing more from you:>

    P.S. Does your dog know something we don't know;)


  • mommy

    Welcome back When it rains it pours, huh? I will clean off the bench(like a good woman) and let you sit next to me. I too have had my share of problems this last few months. Best thing I can tell you is to kick back and watch or jump in head first. Either way we will always be here, well except for regularly scheduled commercial breaks. But then again Simon is working on those too

  • d0rkyd00d

    Hey buddy,

    I've never seen any of ur posts, but i look forward to seeing ur opinions on the board. oh yeah, if there isn't enough room for your bony butt on the bench, i have a nice warm lap. But one leg is taken.

    "No cool quote yet. but i'll think of one soon."

  • hippikon

    Wlcome back my brother. I'll just pop outside and kill a cow for you.

    PS How long did it take before you realised the power was off?

    "But it does move"

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