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  • Maverick

    Hey Farkel: The 85 XJS coup is one sexy car, very James Bond. The Brits do have style! Mine is a 5.0 roller-rocker, fuel injected custom job with a turbo 400 drag racing tranny. All tricked out interior, CD with remote on the streering, sunroof and custom spinner wheels. Fun to run! And my front plate says, "The body may be English but the guts are all American!" Maverick

  • blackguard

    Hi Farkel,

    My reading of history would suggest that Jefferson wasn't particularly prescient. The so-called federal government of the USA started as a corporation (the Virginia corporation) and remains so today. After a re-name the current President acts as any CEO should and as previous Presidents have, except today, it's by a process known as "executive orders", which is not subject to any advisory parties outside its ownership and executive body, including The Congress. King George III Welf of Hanover chartered the original corporation and his heirs, the royal Teutonic family of Britian, are forever beneficiaries of that corporation known today as the United States whose treasury and tax revenue structures pays royalties to the aforesaid family. The corporation known as the United States operates in a similar way to the Federal Reserve---both are subject to the whims of ownership vested in private corporations. In the days of Jefferson this was common knowledge in esoteric political circles.

  • qwerty


    The 85 XJS coup is one sexy car, very James Bond. The Brits do have style!

    Very true, we don't like to brag though!

    Your Car sounds "fandaby dozie"...........A sexy British saying. I would advise you to use it often.


  • Realist

    since england, australia and the US speak the same language and share a historical background it is not surprising that they are the closest allies.

    having said that it is kind of funny how badly england got screwed (voluntarily though) by the US over the last 100 years.

  • Farkel

    I assert that your comments are pure shit, blackguard.

    Prove up or shut up, and I want REAL evidence.


  • waiting

    lol - glad to see you're still around occasionally, Farkel.

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