What will you do?

by Defianttruth 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • kramer

    you think there will be a mass exodus??? 0% growth is the best you can hope for, otherwise its 1-2% for the next 10 years at least

  • 4thgen

    Interesting question. Can you imagine millions and millions learning TTATT at the same time? Everyone handles disappointment and devastation in their own way. Some by suicide, others by drink, drugs, etc. Some may flip out others may quietly accept things and move on. It would also be an opportunity for unscrupulous people to set their self up as the new leaders and draw weak ones into their own form of worship. (Abuse victims are often attracted to abusers...until the cycle is broken)

    I would definitely return kindness to those who showed kindness to those who were not judgmental of those that left before. As for the others, I'd have a wait and see attitude. If they were genuinely in need of support, I would gladly help where ever I could. After all, we've been there and can relate to the unsettling new knowledge we discovered.


    I've been thinking, "What if it does fail and there is a mass exodus?"


  • FayeDunaway

    Shoot, yes. Open arms. These people act the way they act because they're blinded and controlled. If they started making their own decisions and left and needed help in any way, I'm there.

    outlaw I agree, but this is hypothetical!

  • Magnum

    The problem is that in this hypothetical situation, it would not be like these people were being honest and leaving on their own. The OP referred to an exodus that resulted from a fail of the org. These would be people who almost had no choice. It would not really be like they left, but that they got left.

    I respect those who recognize the wrongs like we did, not necessarily those who hang on in ignorance until the whole thing crashes and burns.

    As I said before, it depends on the person, but I would not have good feelings about many of them.

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