If you don't enjoy working with the public choose another career.

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  • Cangie

    A month ago I was scheduled to have eye surgery for cataracts at a local hospital. The day before the procedure my doctor's office called me and changed my 10:00 am appointment to 6:00 am the next morning. When I arrived for registration, the receptionist questioned why my appointment was changed and I said that they told me that they needed time for the pre-op procedure. She argued that the change in appointments was unusual, and that "something must be wrong" if they did that. She repeated it several times until I said that I did not want to discuss it further as I was already nervous about being there and I would find out the reason when I got upstairs. (It was simply because several other patients were scheduled for that day, and they had to adjust the times to fit everyone in.)

    I contacted the Patient Advocate the next day, and upon hearing my story, she apologized profusely, and indicated that she knew who that receptionist was, and I gathered that they had problems with her previously. A few days later, the receptionist's supervisor called me and told me that this was her (receptionist's) last week of work, and that "it was agreed that she should find employment elsewhere" because they'd had problems and complaints about her for some time. I've worked in hospitals, and I know that her behavior is not just unprofessional, but harmful to the emotional well being of patients who are seeking care.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Cangle: People in that type of job should be most understanding and kind.

    My Dr. sent me to a specialist. My first visit talking with his receptionist I noticed

    she had a accent so I ask where were she from. She told me Belize. Really I said,

    I lived in in Belize for a year. But I had this feeling this woman was a JW.

    I told the wife, that woman is a JW. The wife said you are so paranoid. Well I was right,

    my next visit there were WT and Awakes in the reception room. She had this fake smile and

    this arrogant attitude. Now I may be a little paranoid because my second visit her fake smile

    had been replaced with abruptness. My family is well known in the area, her demeanor had changed.

    After seeing the Dr. she told me I need to pay a co-payment, I never pay a co-payment for

    any of my Dr visits. As I was taking out my money the Dr. came out to inform me on some

    matter and he noticed I was paying her and he told her , he pays no co-payment.

    She turn to me and said, sir why did you tell me. I told her I didn't pay the first visit.

    It was only $10.00, no big deal. She no longer work there..

  • GrreatTeacher

    Sometimes you almost have a 6th sense about who is a witness.

    I had one college class with 2 young ex-ish witnesses. They didn't know TTATT, and one was even trying to get reinstated, but I was not surprised at all when I heard they had a JW background. Something about them...

    And then they double-teamed me and wanted to discuss my non-belief after class. They talked down to me, though only one of them wanted me to go back. The other wanted me to believe in Jesus.

    I finally extracted myself politely and told them it was okay because I still believed in god. Which I did at the time. But, whew, they still had strong feelings.

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