If you don't enjoy working with the public choose another career.

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The problem, this clerk have a nasty attitude. I have seen her in action with

    other customers.

  • The Governor
    The Governor

    Keep calm and do not get angry back. Later on in the day that person that was angry will be thankful. I had days like that with customers where I came across as "not people friendly."

    I actually am very people friendly but a few customers before I got into my "non-people friendly mood" one of the customers insulted me and basically called me a retard and stupid. I grew up with a learning disability so that hit me a bit hard so I kinda mumbled and grumbled with guest for the next hour appearing as not being good with people but I am actually fantastic with people.

    Stay calm and friendly. The grumpy service likely has nothing to do with you. I actually try and be as friendly as I can because sometimes it helps someone in that situation to feel better.

    Being in customer service for 8 years I find customers forget that those in the service industry are people too. I notice that customers really like putting their needs and feelings first to a point where they disregard all feelings and sensitivities to those that are serving you.

    Try not to take offence or let it bother you. Like customers, people in the customer service industry have bad days too. I try and make them smile, laugh or make them feel better.

    Try it sometime, you will soon find out how rewarding it is to make someone feel better :).

    NOTE: I was basically called a "retard" and "stupid" because I am not good in math (I had learning disability) and the customer kept switching the amount of money he gave me after already ringing it through with the first set of change he gave me. I was trying real hard to confirm everything and he started being mean and saying all these things like asking "if I went to school" and stuff. That hit me real hard for the next hour or two so I served the customers within the two hours with a grumble but if that bully didn't come in I am really good with people and usually good with complaints and such but I took what that customer said really personally.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Good advice Governor.
  • j dubb
    j dubb

    my thoughts.

    -Increasingly the only jobs people can find is part time retail/customer service; this includes unskilled workers as well as older people that are overqualified for these positions. To work in a 'better' job like an office, warehouse or skilled labor you have to be able to work/produce or have the skill needed for those positions.

    -I think a huge amount of the population are on mind altering medications that slow cognitive function. Doing nothing more taxing to their mind during their downtime than watching reality TV and posting cat memes doesn't help matters.

    -More people today in general seem to not want to be helpful or productive and will not go out of their way to help anyone.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    OMG it is so embarrassing when you can't understand what the person behind the counter is saying!

    My granddaughter and I went to a movie one time, and as we approached the snack counter the young guy said something to me that sounded like this: "Would you like one gumby?"

    I knew that couldn't be what he said. So I said, "I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I didn't understand." So he did. I heard the same thing. Now inside my head i felt disoriented all of a sudden. I said, "I'm so sorry but I don't understand, what did you say?"

    His face reddened, he looked at the other counter person, and then he did repeat it AGAIN to this stupid old woman. I STILL could not guess what he was saying. I kept hearing "gumby." I looked at my granddaughter, hoping for interpretation but she just stared back at me.

    Why didn't i just say No thank you??! I was in the most confused state of shock and disbelief, because I could not de-code a communication spoken to me in the English language, I assume. I had a thought like, What am I going to do, I can't understand what people are saying to me!!!!!

    I never had a thing like that happen before. And I'm not very smart anyway. I was not trying to be difficult but that boy just hated me by that time. I was so embarrassed my head was stinging inside.

    So finally I just said We'd like M&Ms and headed into the movie. My granddaughter said, Grammaw what's the matter! I said, I thought he was asking me if I wanted gumby. She said, NO, he asked if you wanted the COMBO.

    I said, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?? I couldn't understand what he was saying!!!!! She said, Oh i didn't know what to do!!!

    I'm dying laughing as i type this. It happened years ago, when my granddaughter was much shorter than me. Now she's about two inches taller than me. But we still remember and when someone doesn't hear what's said, we all blurt out "GUMBY!"


  • LisaRose

    The worst customer service is the DMV. I moved from Colorado back to my home state of California. On the form I was asked if I had had a California Drivers License WITHIN the last ten years. I answered no, since it had been ten and a half years since I left. At the counter the clerk says: "You mean you've NEVER had a California DL???"

    I said "Well, I have had one, but it's been longer than ten years"

    She looks at the computer and gives an aggrieved sigh, then barks at me "You are in the system! This is wrong, you have to fix it! cross it out and say yes, that you HAVE had a DL in the last ten years, then initial"

    WTF? I was wrong for stating the truth, now I have to sign something that is not true. Whatever, it wouldn't bother me if she hadn't acted like I did something wrong and been so rude. The only good thing about it was that was when I knew I was really back in California.

  • dubstepped

    Sounds like your ego got the best of you. The person made a mistake, and for it to ruin your day because she didn't confirm your correctness means that you should learn more about the ego. So much of our daily interactions revolve around our ego or that of others. Maybe the service person didn't want to admit error because of their ego and it triggered yours because it transferred to you. In the end, it doesn't affect who you are as a person when something like that happens. We expect too much of one another and often not enough of ourselves. Be the bigger person and rise above.

    With that said, we've all been there and let it get the best of us. I used to get super upset over things like that. Reading A New Earth by Tolle really helped me to take a look at such interactions. We're all having a shared experience and that person fell short. That's an opportunity for you to pick up the slack.

  • GrreatTeacher

    When the clerk gives me the total, I always announce the amount I'm giving them.

    This prevents them from saying, " You only gave me a ten," when I really gave them a twenty.

    This is a really fun game : The clerk announces that you owe him $6.00. You give him $11.00 because you want a five in change. Then, wait for the confusion. They might even try to give you a dollar back because, well, why would you give them a ten and a one when just then ten more than covers your $6.00 total?

    Next time your bill comes to $20.85, give them $21.10 so you get a quarter back. Watch their head spin!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    lown< LOL. The drive up window at Taco Bell. The young spoke so clear, I told

    her thank you young lady I understood every word you said. With a big smile she

    said thank you sir. Half the time I can't understand a word that most young people say.

    LisaRose: I have a panic attack just thinking about going to the DMV.

    J.Dubb: I agree it's tough in the work force..

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    dub stepped:My wife told me the same thing 'my ego got the best of me.

    Great teacher:That's funny.

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