Cult Abuse Seminar - Steve Hassan & R. Watters

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  • waiting

    Hey Tex,

    I'll respond..........and usually agree with anyone calling me "sweetie."

    Don't hold me to that number....but that's what Bowen said. He's got a lot more inside information than I can even dream of.

    I would guess there's always going to be cults......but perhaps people can be made more aware of them. Then the surviving cults will gradually go mainstream, or die out.

    ICC xmembers said that their group is dying out. Hare Krishna's seem to be going the same fate - at least in the usa. Who hears of Moonies anymore? Scientology is becoming more well known as a cult.

    As the leaders get old and/or exposed, sued, scorned, etc., the followers tend to drift. But I agree, there will always be True Believers.........


    ps: Seems it's just you and me, cute legs!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Seems it's just you and me, cute legs!


    Well that's just fine with me. I always like a nice cozy little room to talk in. So should I light a fire whilst you get some hot chocolate?

  • patio34

    Glad I found out about this thread--whew! I was thinking of starting one too, but now it's unnecessary. Here are some of my observations about the wonderful weekend at the seminar with Steve Hassan and Randy Watters, etc. And, of course, my very own sis, Waiting.

    I'm reading S Hassan’s book and really enjoying it. Although not as much as I thought because it’s focused, logically and forthrightly, on “releasing the bonds” of a cult member. I expected, for some reason, it to be more focused on healing from being a cult member. It does cover that though. And for its practical application for family members, it’s very helpful. So it was well worth the cost.

    The seminar was also great for meeting other ex-cult members and comparing notes and even establishing some future friendships.

    Special thanks to Randy for arranging this weekend!


  • patio34

    Oh! And to add to Waiting's list of attendess, Scooby was there too.

  • plmkrzy

    I was wondering if someone was going to post this.

    I like reading about it, just have a problem with the whole "convention" thang.

    Really interesting stuff to read. AND...

    I was really GREAT! finally meeting waiting and everyone else that we got to have dinner/lunch with/Including Bill! hehehe.

    Sorry we missed patio though...and others.

    plum of the...back to ebaY now class

  • waiting

    hey y'all,

    Several people gave me business cards with their forum name on it........but alas, I'm an idiot for remembering such stuff.

    WELCOME SCOOBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the opportunity to meet her at the seminar - fine lady! (Please check your messages, fine lady?)

    Pat & I just talked this evening - again agreeing of the value we gained from the seminar - surprised us both.

    Plum? Next time.......sit in, we'd enjoy the company!


  • plmkrzy


    I had no idea I was going to miss meeting soooo many folks from this board!

    Next time I will for sure. Especially now since the waters have already been tested.LOL


  • Zanniesmom

    I was there, too. I read here but post rarely. I spoke up about my daughters still being in. Becky

  • LyinEyes

    I plan on reading these books that so many of you have recommended. Right now I need to start with a clear mind, which is a little weary tonite. I will start next week on getting these books.

    Are there any audio tapes via Internet of these sessions ? Of course I should go back and re read this thread maybe it has been said already.

    I think the mind control issue is my last and final door to open, and to close forever behind me. I know deep inside , even as hard as it is to admit that I still have something that ties me with the fear factor that I was raised to beleive in , in the JW's . I would really like to be truly free from all of it. To never dream of going back as I often do, to not feel the longing in my dreams for what I know is a destructive cult. Emotionally there are deep ties that I am sure I don't understand.

    Thanks for the info. I will look into it.

  • waiting

    hey Becky,

    It was nice to meet so many people with like agenda - surviving, moving on, learning about cults. I'm sorry about your daughter, - many x-cult members have family still *in.*

    Hassan made some good points about guarding ourselves, yet holding out friendship to those members. Visualization to perhaps gain control of our thinking?

    I'm glad you came - and soooooo glad I came to the seminar too!

    hey lyin' eyes,

    Bill Bowen liked Hassan's first book better - I liked the second. Neither of us budged on our opinion, btw. Matter of ethics.....or two bullheaded people.

    But reading either will help you. Insightful & honest.


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