Cult Abuse Seminar - Steve Hassan & R. Watters

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    Cult Seminar - Steve Hassan

    Last weekend, Steve Hassan conducted a seminar for Cult Survivors & professionals who work with them. Randy Watters of Freeminds (with the help of Cynthia Hampton) hosted it in Flooding Southern California.

    We were a group of Scientologists, Hare Krishna's, International Church of Christ, Moonies, Jehovah's Witnesses, and a couple of mean small group cults. Several therapists/psychiatrists/pschologists were in attendance also. Btw., all of us were *x* members, thankfully.

    A person from each group gave a talk about who & what their group believed.....and really did in reality. As the rest of the group listened, we would squint our eyes thinking "You REALLY believed that crap?" And then we all agreed, we all really did believe that crap. True Believers.

    Steve Hassan (x-moonie) was excellent - giving practical info. on visualization, diminishing the power of our captors, etc. Also info. on the *normal response* of humans - as born out in social psychology testing. Even normal persons do behave quite oddly.....normally. Tapes were shown on the Milgram Experiment, Stanford Prison Experiment & the Rice Children Experiment. The tapes were so powerful that some of us (including me) had to leave at specific points.

    Randy Watters spoke for the JW's and Bill Bowen spoke of the specific horror of JW child abuse & rape. Both were concise - and eloquent. One woman left during Bill's talk (which wasn't highly detailed) & I think why she left was because she couldn't get her mind around the jw's who knock on her door..............and who organizationally cover over child abuse & rape.

    We had breakfast & lunch as a loose group, lots of us asking each other questions about our specific x-cults. Dinner? The xjw's tended to group together to get to know each other.

    For the xjw's:

    Randy Watters

    Bill Bowen

    Dungbeetle (& husband towards end)

    Cynthia Hampton (& husband for dinner)

    waiting (& husband for full time)


    about 5/7 others who don't do forums (go figure, eh?)

    Very good group! And sorry for forgetting anyone! Stanford Prison Experiment Milgram Experiment review

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    Big Tex


    Well just ignore what I wrote on the Silent Lambs thread. I didn't see you had started this one.

    Fascinating account. Thanks for sharing. I just read through the two links, and I'm going to assume the Rice Children experiment is similar. Was it Rice University or was rice somehow involved in the experiment? Do you feel the seminar was helpful in combating the Wtiness mindset regarding child abuse? I'm also curious, in comparison to the other cults where do Jehovah's Witnesses fit in with regard to the treatment of children? I mean on a Bell curve, are Jehovah's Witnesses more or less harsh in the treatment of their members ?

    Thanks for sharing.

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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People actually responded to my thread! Thank you!

    Now............back to The Normal Me........howdy!

    JT - we love you, ya know that, don'tcha?

    Hey Tex! You are the same cutie in the kilt? You caught a lot of eyes on this forum........let alone flack in that restaurant, eh?

    There is a much better Milgram click than the one I provided - we've discussed it here before. Fascinating, but I can't find it.....duh.

    I might have the "Rice" experiment named wrong - Teejay started a thread on it recently here & on jwo. I'll look. It was on tv recently too.

    I'm also curious, in comparison to the other cults where do Jehovah's Witnesses fit in with regard to the treatment of children?

    After Bill Bowen spoke - this very issue came up.

    ICC zeroed in on college students.

    Scientology? We didn't ask - more in tune to adults.

    Moonies? Young adults.

    Hare Krishnas? College students....but when they married & kids came forth - kids shipped out at age 5. Horrible existence for the kids. Parents didn't know - thought they were saving the kids. Sound familiar?

    Hassan brought out point : "Cults give a whammy to men. A double whammy to women....a triple whammy to kids." It depends upon the power, or lack thereof.

    No other group disfellowshipped like jw's. However, all of the cults cut off outsiders, including family. Isolation is necessary to fully convert. All cults have a leader source - close or actually godlike.

    It really was good. I'm soooooooooo glad I went. Learned a lot. Of course, it helped that there was a therapist there who would speak with me during incest survivor gets whammed from all sides. When Hassan was speaking sometimes, my mind was traveling with his........and back with my father.

    It was good.........but not as good as seeing you in a kilt.


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    Hi! (I've been on ebay - they all email like that.....perky.)

    Anyway..........this is the click as provided by Teejay to the child experiment Steve Hassan reviewed for us:

    Spooky what humans will do.


  • Dogpatch

    Review of the March 15,16 2003 Healing Workshop with Steven Hassan

    and news regarding AFF conferences

    We had 30 in attendance, about 30% of which were guest speakers. I must say I have never been to a conference where it appeared that EVERYONE there had a wonderful time, and came away with some sort of blessing and tools for personal recovery. Steve Hassan will have videos available in a few weeks. The audience was not taped, however, only the speakers, due to the fact that there were some who were currently still involved in certain high-control organizations.

    The speakers included Tory Magoo, a former high-level Sea Org Scientologist of 30 years. Her website is Her story makes mine look tame.

    Jim Procanik was there and told his story of how he was sent from the original Boston ICC (International Churches of Christ/Kip McKean, formerly known as the "Boston Movement") to spark the growth of a branch office in Los Angeles, and was directly responsible for a large percentage of the growth of the church on the West Coast. At this time, Kip has stepped down from leadership and the church is in a level of decline. They are actually stricter than the JWs in many ways. Jim has been out for a few years and is active in the same way many of us are in exposing the lies of the Watchtower. Jim's website is

    Mori Muster is a former higher-level Hare Krishna who was involved for many years, witnessing the horrific physical and sexual abuse of children and women and the murders and alledged mafia-type connections with drug trafficking for many years. They, too, call their leadership the "Governing Body." Nori's website is

    Steven Hassan is a former high-level Moonie who was the main speaker at the conference, and some info on him from his website at

    "Steven Hassan has been involved in educating the public about mind control and destructive cults for over twenty-six years. He is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, and holds a Masters degree in counseling psychology from Cambridge College. He has authored the critically acclaimed book Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves. Releasing the Bonds has been praised by former cult members, families of former members, clergy, and psychologists; people from all walks of life interested in the problems that destructive cults pose for the world today. For a sampling of the praise Releasing the Bonds has received, please visit here.

    "The Boston Globe ran a feature profile on Steven Hassan, and his press kit is available online. Hassan TV appearances are also archived for viewing.

    "Steven has pioneered a new approach to helping victims of mind control called the Strategic Interaction Approach. Unlike the stressful and media sensationalized "deprogramming", this non-coercive approach is an effective and legal alternative for families to help cult members. This approach utilizes family and friends and teaches them how to strategically influence the individual involved in the group. During his many years of work, he has helped thousands of persons victimized by cult-related mind control. He has provided numerous training workshops and seminars for mental health professionals, educators and law enforcement officers, as well as for families of cult members.

    "Deceptively recruited into the Moon organization at the age of nineteen while a student at Queens College, Steven spent twenty-seven months recruiting and indoctrinating new members, fundraising, political campaigning and personally meeting with Sun Myung Moon during numerous leadership sessions. Steven ultimately rose to the rank of Assistant Director of the Unification Church at National Headquarters. Following a serious automobile accident, several former members at his parents request deprogrammed him. Once he realized the insidious nature of the organization, he authorized police officials to take possession of his personal belongings, which included a massive set of private speeches documenting Moon's secret plan to take over the world.

    "During the 1977-78 Congressional Subcommittee Investigation into South Korean CIA activities in the United States, he consulted as an expert witness. In 1979, following the Jonestown tragedy, Steven founded EX-MOON Inc., a non-profit educational organization composed of over four hundred former members of the Moon group. Although now defunct, it was the first and largest ex-member organization in the world.

    "Steven founded the Freedom of Mind Resource Center, an educational organization dedicated to upholding human rights, promoting consumer awareness and exposing abuses of destructive cult groups.

    "Steven has appeared on innumerable television and radio shows and has also been quoted extensively in newspaper and magazine articles. Steve Hassan's online press kit showcases the great impact he has had on the American public through the media. In his commitment to fight against destructive cults, Steven devotes a major portion of his time and energy to preventive education. He has addressed hundreds of campus, religious and professional organizations throughout the world."

    Saturday evening Steve was summoned by Fox news to appear as an expert in mind control regarding the Elizabeth Smart case, and Sunday he did several media interviews as well regarding this current news situation. He is the busiest man I have ever known. :-))

    Bill Bowen gave an excellent presentation on the child abuse issues currently affecting the Watchtower organization. Most of us are familiar with these matters already, but his new website at On Friday Cynthia Hampton of exjehovahswitnessescalifornia brought bill Bowen over for me to do a 32 minute video interview, which I had intended to put up on my websites, but my computer is crashing and now refuses to edit video, so it may be a few weeks before I get it up for all to see.


    Randy Watters 3/20/03

    AFF Workshops

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  • waiting

    well dayum randy.

    Your synopsis sounds so professional. Assuming it's over at Freeminds? Will mosey over.

    Thanks for coming in on the thread - with actual names & stuff. Yeah, well, mine was good too.

    I'm older - that's my excuse.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Well dayum (I love that spelling). I go off to eat lunch and watch the war and lookee here at the responses to my silly little question!

    You are the same cutie in the kilt?

    You betcha. Just as an aside, I've got to tell you that it was really very comfortable, although a bit drafty. I had a lot of fun wearing it. I can kind of see why women get so much fun from trying on different outfits (not that there's anything wrong with that). Besides, I've got great legs and this is the first time I can really show them off.

    Thanks Randy for such a comprehensive post (and waiting did an outstanding job as well). I want to fully check out all the links, but I just had to respond first. The reason I was asking about JWs, is I personally feel that children, particularly children of abuse, have a harder time amongst Witnesses than in any other organized religion. I have heard stories of how the Hare Krishnas ship children off and that is horrifying to me, but I personally feel that a child who is abused and then has the courage to come forward only to be beaten into submission is more traumatic and does more damage (spiritually, emotionally and sometimes physically). Not that this is a contest or anything, but just from my observations it appears as if Bill is targeting a sector of people that are being hideously treated and neglected beyond all human reason.

    I didn't really see this addressed anywhere, but it's just me thinking aloud, but I want to ask waiting, do you feel that government intervention is going to be needed? Or do you feel that pending litigation, as well as the publicity generated by Silent Lambs, can properly address what is happening?

    I am hopeful that as the problem comes out from under the rock, and people become more aware of the problem that corrections can begin to be made, but I am also somewhat cynical about how Jehovah's Witnesses will actually deal with the problem. I am fearful that nothing substantive will change.


  • waiting

    Hey Tex,

    Bill Bowen made some good points. About 6 to 12 cases currently against the WTBTS. A HUNDRED are going forth into litigation this year.

    The government has some power.......but "freedom of religion & speech" is such a hard thing to fight. JW's come across so quiet & clean cut too.

    What speaks strongly to corporations is money.......losing it by the millions - with thousands of more victims in the wings.....watching & waiting. Can the current cases of abused children & hurt adults win? Dunno. But sooner or later, some good case & a good, understanding jw's, lawyer will come

    Then the floodgates will there are literally thousands of abused children & hurt adults. All hurt by the actions of the WTBTS and their representatives.

    "Dayum" ------actually brought into smiling existence by our own Teejay...formerly of Arkansas. He can talk the talk.

    If you haven't been to the new Silentlambs website.........please do so - it's awesome. Same click, btw.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    A HUNDRED are going forth into litigation this year.

    That is fantastic news! 6-12 will make a dent, but 100 cases (with accompanying publicity) will have the potential to force change (read: "New Light") and get rid of the evil 2 witness rule.

    Unfortunately there will always be Jehovah's Witnesses, and cults like it, but if changes could be made to correct the more evil side of the organization then that might be the best we can hope for.

    Thanks waiting. You're a sweetie.

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