Watchtower Magazine Covers I'd Like to See

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  • David_Jay

    The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom:

    "1914--The Generation That Will Not Pass...Wait a minute. Where did they go?"

    "Who Really Is the Messiah? Jesus or Andy Cohen--You decide."

    "Why You Shouldn't Follow Uninspired, Imperfect Leaders--Unless It's the Governing Body!"

    "Stephen Lett: The Full Frontal Edition"

    "What's the Bible Really About? (No, really. We have no idea.)"

    "The Honesty Edition: How We Brainwash People Into Believing We're Not a Cult."

    "Inside: Diet tips from Geoffrey Jackson"

    "You're Right. We Are a Cult!"


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  • jwleaks

    Reading the Watchtower magazine has been known to induce the same effect.

  • stuckinarut2

    "Millions now living will all die"

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  • David_Jay


    I wish that laxative/sleeping-pill issue was available when I was a JW. The old light was that this combination was great to use, especially during conventions. ;)

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  • ttdtt

    Im looking forward to this one.

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