Were Conventions, Asemblies and the Memorials boring to you?

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  • WTWizard

    Nothing but a waste of my time, after the first one. The dramas were lousy acting, and they only got worse as time went by. And now, the videos are just as lousy. About the best part is where the videos on tv-dot-jw-dot-org start blocking, which is the digital equivalent of snow. Those symposiums were also quite lousy.

    As for the crapmorial, that was a complete waste of time. We get to the building, usually an hour early, and waste time waiting for the talk. Getting moved around is common. You get a boring 45 minute talk, pass the plate of stale crackers and glass of spoiled grape juice, and then they have to exit quickly for the next congregation. What a mess.

    If our crapmorial was second, it was just as bad. Parking was a disaster, and you had to settle down fairly quickly. Then, afterward, it could be as late as 11 PM before leaving the wastefest. If it was a school night, try telling children it is OK to flunk a test for this stupidity. By the way, I believe (by looking at the moon calendar) that the festival will be April 10 after sundown because that's 14 days after the new moon.

    If only the power would go off and the emergency lighting would crap out during one of these events, it might be funny.

  • dozy

    Generally I quite liked the assemblies - it was always good to see old friends & generally the social element was good. As a kid I found the sessions long & desperately boring but as I got older I volunteered in jobs ( such as food service and when that got scrapped , attendant service or parking etc ) where I missed a lot of the talks , which made it palatable. The talks were always very much same - same - do more ministry , basically.

    For conventions , as a father of young children , there was the advantage that the conventions were broadcast on FM radio so you could just take them out when they got restless & walk them around the concourse & have a chat to friends or take them to the car to sleep. It was funny looking in the cars during the sessions & seeing all the people just sleeping or reading newspapers etc.

    The Memorial was always pretty boring & I found it strangely lacking in any kind of emotional impact - it just seemed a pointless ritual. The best bit was we would often go to a friends afterward for a buffet meal.

  • Ding

    The talks were always very much same - same - do more ministry, basically.

    That's the WT's answer to every problem, isn't it?

  • blondie

    Memorials were always boring....so scripted with the brothers with napkins over the arms. The elders/MS greeting people as they came in when normally the rank and file we re ignored. Waiting to see if someone new partook, df'd people sitting with family and trying not to hand the glass or plate to them;

    Circuit assemblies were somewhat scripted but the local needs talk was up for grabs, CO pick. I remember one CO having 2 sets of elders get on stage 6 on one end of a big rope and 6 on the other having a tug of war. Then he compared many BOEs to this scenario and said that they were supposed to be the mature ones.

    District/Regional/International assemblies were less boring because visiting GB speakers would often go off script. Fred Franz was notorious for this. Mostly it was a time to beat the sheep.

  • Lostandfound


    Franz and Knorr went way over, in Edinburgh in 65, kept us in stadium till 10:00 at night, very boring, very cold, very foggy - could not see across stadium late at night. Boring as H.... Murrayfield Stadium so uncomfortable.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i i was at edinburgh in 65----i was 17 and went on a congregation coach from birmingham....with several other mates of a similar age.

    never attended at all--slept in a communal tent with other guys--and one girl--lol. pissed most of the time.

  • blondie

    LostandFound, my family would leave at the scheduled time packing up our stuff uand walking out to our car...less traffic leaving site and to home. We figured if he announced when Armaggedon would start we would fin.d out the next day

  • freddo

    I was at Edinburgh in '65 but can't remember much I was only 4 at the time! It runs into a 9am to 9pm mush with Twickenham and the daddy of all UK assemblies - Wembley London 1969!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    ...don't walk too slow between doors...

    Just follow old Shelly:

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