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  • Xanthippe
    Is it repressive rules that trigger abberent behaviour?

    Diogenesister, the psychologist my husband and I went to see after we left the JWs listened to our description of the rules of this religion and said that kind of sexual repression often breeds child sexual abuse. We said not as far as we knew because in 1989 we didn't know what we know now!

  • scratchme1010
    Sedro woolley congregations should be ashamed for letting this sum around innocent children.

    That is if the WT gave a flying eff about children. They just don't care.

  • Finkelstein

    Is it repressive rules that trigger aberrant behavior?

    I would say two things ... strong oppressive sexual behavior controlled toward each individual

    and the two witness rule that every JWS knows about.

    There are usually no witnesses to sexual attacks toward children.

    The perpetrator knows nothing will happen to them by the Elders if there aren't two witnesses.

  • tiki

    The predators groom their subjects....they take an interest in the child, get on close terms with the family...develop a bond, a trust...then they get to the child who trusts the person and looks up to him. Yes the arrangements in kh's make this pretty simple a process. I happened to me. One of the lord's anointed, a special Pioneer ...was literally part of our family for years....I bolted when he made his advance...and he was blubbering don't tell mother...I didn't for many years....but avoided the pig like the plague.

    In another case a young son of an elder loved to babysit the young boys in the cong...and the moms thought how wonderful for my kid...this wholesome Pioneer role model ....then why he wanted to watch only the little boys came to light. It was quite the scandal....and the main victim was spreading in his childish ignorance the activities to other cong kids....

    Too much trust...too many opportunities. Yes kh's are fertile ground for perverts.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Thank you for the insight Tiki, and so sorry you had to live through that!

  • flipper

    I knew of another case up in the state of Washington that occurred and a person I know tried to get the police involved and the elders just kept protecting this pedophile that my friend was trying to expose. Ignoring this persons attempt to get justice for abused children. Eventually it came out that the child molester had molested again even after the elders were warned time and time again and eventually the molester was DFed, but not until he had done immeasurable damage within a certain congregation. My friends warnings had been ignored for years. It is absolutely criminal how the WT Society and circuit overseers and elders do everything in their power to PUT children at risk within congregations. Somehow, someway - I wish the FBI would get involved with prosecuting this damned cult the WT Society and pursue it's leaders with the same vigor that they pursued Warren Jeffs in that Mormon cult he had going years ago. I'm so tired of hearing about JW children being molested with no real justice being done. It's time for WT Society to pay for their crimes

  • Diogenesister
    Xanthippe the psychologist my husband and I went to see after we left the JWs listened to our description of the rules of this religion and said that kind of sexual repression often breeds child sexual abuse

    Wow, that's very interesting, Xanthippe.

    Anders Right now your perception is likely skewed because you notice and remember all the JW cases but not the others...

    This is very true.

    Also what you say about high numbers in society in general, a relative who works in the probation service says the same thing, that it's endemic.

    Watchtower just makes it worse by refusing to prosecute once it comes to light, enabling them to abuse more victims.

  • Honeybucket


    I cane to find out, up here in our little Washington community, there are tons of pedophiles. One of them even stayed with me and my husband for a few weeks. One day he told me he had s3xual relations with his sister and the only thing done about it was the elders telling some people to keep your eye out for him. No police were ever called because it was considered a "family problem". Check out the link I shared on the prior page. It actually names the JW pedophile and how he tried to ask the judge for a light sentence like Anthony wiener. Freaking comical.

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