KON distraction.

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  • notsurewheretogo

    Me to still ins..."So what about all these court cases, legal action and lawyers over the last few years that highlight the massive issue of child abuse and a lack of proper policies?"

    Them..."Don't know what you are talking about."

    Me again to still ins..."Ok so what about the Charity Commissions around the world like the Australian one that hauled in a GB member and quizzed them on their child abuse policies?"

    Them..."Come again? What are you talking about?"

    Me finally..."What about the fact that KH's are being closed down, branches shut down, congs consolidated, money being asked at meetings, no more District Overseers, mass Special Pioneers made to be self sufficient and magzines going from bi-monthly at 32 pages to 16 pages and 4 a year and the work is speeding up?"

    Them..."Yes indeed it is speeding up".

    Me..."For f%^&$ sake"...walks off.

    JW's are utterly clueless to facts as to what is actually going on and its meaning. They are "Captive to the Concept" that the their religion is true and the GB are directed no matter what the GB say or what they dictate.

  • nowwhat?

    Perfectly summed up.

  • deegee

    The WT is a real KON!


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