I need help understanding my moms decision!

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  • Incognito

    In most JW's view, he hates (or at least is SAD) at anyone that is not a JW, not just you. This is why it is stated that he will destroy at Armageddon, anyone who is not a JW. JWs may not admit only JWs will survive, that is clearly the message from the platform.

    As you claim to already know JWs do not celebrate birthdays, what did you expect would occur when you asked your mother to help out with anything to do with your son's birthday? While you may not consider a birthday treat as equal to a birthday party, a 'birthday treat' to a JW is a birthday celebration, regardless. If you really want her assistance, don't mention 'Birthday'.

    It is not really his birth day as that would be the day he was actually born on, making that date each year after he was born, the anniversary date of his birth. As most JWs do not have any reservations celebrating a wedding anniversary, ask your mother if she would celebrate the anniversary of your children's birth. She will either probably say NO or she will need to do further research or ask the elders if that would be OK.

  • Holzy86

    Thank you saethydd, blonde and incognito that has been a massive help. I do have a lot of respect for JW they have helped me out when they haven't had to. I spoke to mom and it's not a birthday treat we're congratulating him on doing very well at school with speaking Welsh. I've changed the day out of respect for my mom and her beliefs.

    Sorry to all on here that have been exfellowshiped and I really do hope you can sort it out with your family and friends.

    Thank you.

  • Incognito
    If you really want her assistance, don't mention 'Birthday'.

    By that, I was not implying that you should attempt to fool her but only that, she probably had no hesitation in helping you until you mentioned the word Birthday.

    Many JWs are nice people with the best intentions. Most posters on this forum are not against JWs as individuals, as the majority of us were JWs for some time of our lives and many continue to have family who are JWs. We are mainly against the Watch Tower organization and its rules, policies and mind control it places on and demands of its members. JWs are misguided and blindly follow the organization, no matter what is demanded, whether reasonable or not. This is mainly why this religion is considered a cult.

    JWs maintain they are not a cult as WT has presented an altered definition of what a cult is to its members, just as various scriptures have been altered in their bible to support WT interpretations.

    As an ex Moonie, Steven Hassan has become an expert on cults and how they operate. He has written various books such as "Combatting Cult Mind Control" which I suggest you read before defending the JW religion.

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