I need help understanding my moms decision!

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  • Holzy86

    Hi all. First of all I'm not a jahovas witness, my mother is. I've asked my mother for some help over the weekend for my sons birthday, I understand jw do not celebrate birthdays.

    Every year I take my son out for a treat day, this year he has asked me if he can bring friends too so I said I only have enough room for one but he has asked for two, so I said I will ask nanny if she will help out to take my other son in her car with my netphew and older sister, but as soon as I mentioned it was for a birthday treat she refused to help me.

    I just need to know if jahovahs witnesses will refuse to help family out when asking for help, I feel I've asked and made sure all the people she will be giving a lift to that it is not there birthday.

    His birthday has just happened to have fallen on the weekend when we would have been taking him because he is at school Monday to Friday.

    If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. I just need help to understand her decision and if anyone else would refuse to help their daughter and grandson.


  • dubstepped

    You asked her to help facilitate a birthday party. She is opposed to birthday parties. What is hard to understand? You're trying to spin it into "she's jusr unwilling to help her grandkids" and conveniently leaving out the "celebrate a birthday " part.

    Yes, pretty much all JWs would do the same. That's because they're in a cult that tells them what to do, what not to do, what to think, how to feel, etc.

  • Giordano

    Your regular JW is not supposed to honor birthdays as a person's special day, nor Christmas which is considered a pagan holiday. They also don't toast the Bride and Groom...pagan. Nor throw rice at the bride and groom.....pagan.

    But the wedding ring which is a pagan symbol is ok.

    The days of the week and names for the months are all based on pagan mythology but it's ok to use them.

    Some JW's are a bit more casual about birthdays but are pretty rigid about celebrating the actual day.

    Holzy You have to understand that your JW Mom is coerced into being obedient to whatever the WT tells her or face the risk of being Disfellolwshiped.

  • Carol1111

    Jesus went to a wedding where there was wine and even provided some.

    Why don't they read and understand their Bibles? No answer needed for that question!

  • Holzy86

    I'm not turning it into she won't help the grandchildren she helps the grandchildren loads. Its just the park that I'm taking him to is open for the first day of the holiday season which happens to be his day of birth. It's not a party and there will be no present giving. I'm just asking for a lift that's all not for my mom to celebrate the day. I use to go the Kingdom Halls and the bible study's during the week so I do understand not celebrating birthdays all is I'm asking for is a lift been as she will be going that way on that day.

  • Rainbow_Troll
    Holzy86: I'm just asking for a lift that's all not for my mom to celebrate the day.

    Would you give a bank robber a lift as he was escaping the crime scene? I mean. Why not? It's not like you were personally robbing the bank yourself.

    This is how your mother sees the situation. You have to understand that Jehovah hates you. He has you in in the scope of his lighting death ray and your mom doesn't want to be around when he pulls the trigger.

  • Holzy86
    Wow jahovah hates me? Even though I'm one of his "children". My mom always says to me you need to be kind to all so I thought she would help with a simple act of kindness. i would like to believe jahovah can forgive all of his "children" it's one simple lift. I took my mom to a convention over the weekend I took time off work lost pay and picked her up. Even though I had better things to do with my time and didn't want to have to wait around for the convention to finish but I did it because I love my mom and She finds comfort and enjoyment in going.
  • dubstepped

    It's not a birthday party yet in your original post you told her it was a "birthday treat". So what is it? Maybe she's as confused as I.

  • Londo111

    This is not your mother. This is her cult indoctrination. She is a victim of undue influence. While her authentic identity would more than likely help in whatever way she could, the cult identity is in the driver's seat.

    I believe if you can understand it's not her that is the problem, it's the cult, while not solving the problem, it help cope with it. The good thing is you are in communication with her...many of us who got fully committed to the cult at a young age no longer are in regular communication with our parents, relatives, and friends who are still in.

  • pbrow

    your mother is an irrational fool?


    oh... and jehovah hates you about as much as tom hates jerry

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