Just put on ARC website: submissions of senior counsel

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  • sparrowdown
    So that explains why the Australia Branch is now "putting out feelers" for a new lawyer.
  • TheListener
    Wow! Love it!!
  • John Free
    John Free

    2.2 Data on reporting to police 61 The analysis conducted by Royal Commission staff showed that of the 1,006 alleged perpetrators of child sexual abuse identified by the Jehovah’s Witness organisation in Australia, not one was reported to police or other secular authority by the Jehovah’s Witness organisation (including by elders within the organisation).132 With reference to the files, no instance was identified by the Jehovah’s Witness organisation of an allegation having been reported by the organisation to the police or other authorities

    Just unforgivable!!

  • poopie
    pull those pants down and get that spanking started.
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The ARC is truly revealing 'The Truth About The Truth'!

    """It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!""" Image result for symbol for music

    Thank you ARC!

  • tresdecu

    I am really liking these Aussies!

    They saw through the WT Bull$hit, here are two examples that I found after skimming through the pdf


    In the light of such doctrinal teachings, it is submitted that the message published to

    members of the Jehovah’s Witness organisation about their relationship with secular

    authorities is not as simple as that described by Messrs Toole and Spinks. It is submitted

    that, in fact, the organisation presents its members with conflicting and ambiguous

    teachings regarding their relationship with secular authorities, thereby fostering a

    distrust of such authorities.


    Similarly, when asked if the Governing Body members saw themselves as ‘Jehovah God’s
    spokespeople on earth’, Mr Jackson did not answer, instead telling the Royal
    Commission that it ‘would seem to be quite presumptuous to say that we are the only
    spokesperson that God is using’.21 Mr Jackson’s professed humility is not, however,
    supported by the Jehovah’s Witness organisation’s own publications.
    The organisation’s
    handbook for members, Organised to Do Jehovah’s Will, teaches with reference to the
    ‘faithful and discreet slave’ (and thus, the Governing Body)22 for instance, that the
    congregation hopes to ‘draw ever closer to Jehovah by manifesting complete trust in
    the channel that He is using to direct His people today’.23 A confidential manual
    produced by the Governing Body and entitled Branch Organization January 2015 (the
    2015 Branch Organization Manual) records that the Governing Body ‘is organized to
    take the lead as Jehovah directs it by Holy Spirit’.24 Thus the Governing Body is believed
    by Jehovah’s Witnesses to be the ‘channel’ by which Jehovah’s will is communicated to
    the ‘Christian’ congregation and the Governing Body is directed by Jehovah in all that it
    does. It was Mr O’Brien’s evidence that the Governing Body is Jehovah God’s
    representative on earth providing definitive Scriptural interpretation.

  • OneEyedJoe
    Thus the Governing Body is believed by Jehovah’s Witnesses to be the ‘channel’ by which Jehovah’s will is communicated to the ‘Christian’ congregation

    For some reason I'm really tickled by the fact that they saw fit to put the word "Christian" in quotes when referring to JWs. It's a small thing but makes a good point all its own.

  • tresdecu
    Nice catch....hopefully other (evil worldly governments...LOL) will follow suit!!
  • ttdtt

    Why doesnt the media pick up on this? Are we to small in the USA to matter?

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    What has made me feel ago good, when watching ARC, is that "law" was not the bullet that usually "kills" getting too the root of the problem, and preventing children, and victim's from being truly helped.

    Thank you Angus, thank you judges, & Royal Commission for carrying MORE for the children than their "organizational mother"!

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