Anyone been wiretapped, burglarized, otherwise spied on by elders/wbts?

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    Yeah, I admit it, I ressurected an old thread, because I thought it relavant. Plus, I' have a small mind and can only think of a few questions. So I'll probably be ressurecting more. Ha.

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    What's your new avatar? Looks like a bar scene

    It's David Bowie's Diamond dogs album cover.

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    It's David Bowie's Diamond dogs album cover.

    Er, well, just showin' my ignorance (again).....


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    Ive definitely heard of 'stake outs'. One lot of elders did so to an upbaptised publisher, who was living at home. They never got any 'dirt' (even though he indeed was having sleep overs with his girlfriend)....but instead, they DF the mother! She appealed to the society on grounds of being 'no proof' and it was overturned.

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    Avishai - I get it, thanks for the tip to bring my old threads back. lol

    Not me, but the MS brother who studied with me in the 70's was asked by the Elders to spy on a 'suspected' couple cheating. Him and another bro had the assignment to stay up all night and watch the house.

    They saw suspect #1 pull up in the car and flash his lights. Then suspect #2 came out of the house and sneak into the car. They waited a few minutes then decided they had to see them in the act. They went up to the car and peaked in the window. As he said, "I couldn't see all the details, but saw enough to see what was going on."

    The couple saw them as they were leaving, started the car and drove away. My friend for reasons, he said, could not explain, decided to follow them. So, they now were following the couple around town in the middle of the night.

    They got wise to being followed and sped up, he sped up and it became a car chase. When it came to tires screaching around corners he called it off.

    The couple were both DF'd and two divorces followed. Nothing happened to him. I suspect he didn't share the whole story with the Elders.

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    One more thing. He left the org some years back. Suspect he's lurking around here. Will not be surprised to get a PM from him over this story if he is here.

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    They stole my youth and dignity, does that count?

    (Luckily I found the latter, it was hidden under my backbone.)

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    I know some of you are thinking, "No way would Elders have people do these things!"

    Remember, its the 70's, with the new Elder arrangement. Plenty of 'Rookie' 'SR' 'God Guided' Elders did some real kooky stuff back then.

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    1. (Don't know why the figure 1. popped up to the left!) After quarter of a century as an elder, I can 100 % truthfully say that I haver never even heard of such acticities. My qualified guess is that this must be some "U.S. thing" or that it was prevalent in certain groups or areas or within a specific time frame. Never heard of it - and never heard it mentioned.

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