Weird love letter in the summer convention

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    His much hotter wife was made possible by the Holy Spirit ( and her desire to appear “spiritually mature” by marrying a “spiritually mature” brother ) and by being loyal and courageous!!

    Jeehoober wants that young man to have a dutiful wife and to stop f***ing pillows.


  • mentalclarity

    Ha- they've always been out of touch with youth culture. I remember back in the day the crazy dramas about kids being in a line to watch a "R" movie or smoking cigarettes. Meanwhile in my school teens were doing acid/ecstasy and smoking pot.

    I'd say that type of letter is pretty unlikely unless you were living in some backwards country where there's no access to civilization (aka internet). Now kids just send snapchat messages to each other I would be skeptical of any letters with complete sentences from That's completely made up.

  • JW_Rogue

    I agree the wording of the letter is changed to make the boys decision sound more dramatic. Why would the girl say "I hope you make the right decision" or "I'm attracted to you" that sounds very formal for a teenage girl. Sounds like it was written by WT to make his choice seem more important. The truth is it was probably a series of flirty text messages but they changed that because that would mean the brother gave her his phone number which they probably don't feel would be a good example.

  • sparky1

    'Dude ur totally snacky! Word's out ur packin' 100% all-beef thermometer! Glaze my bap with ur love juice'. Perhaps this would be more realistic in this day and age? Guess what Governing Body.........were not in Kansas anymore.

  • ragingmad

    It was exaggerated. But you can always get better women marrying a jw since there's such little competition. And if you have a job and a decent income? Then there's less competition, as college and income are not promoted.

    Not that I would ever marry anyone, JW or not. #mgtow

  • stuckinarut2

    I found that scene incredibly DEMEANING to women!

    It was offensive, because the girl expressed her wholesome interest in him. She was not crass or 'immoral'

    Then the whole point of the video was "don't worry if you miss out on THAT women, you can get a DIFFERENT better one anyway."

    Its basically saying "the woman is just an asset or commodity you can get." Similar to , "oh, if you miss out on that car, just buy a different one"

  • James87

    its screwed up but isnt that deep down what they the watch tower believes about women?

  • Vidiot

    The older I got, the more embarrassed I felt about character portrayal in WT dramas (stage or video).

    Nobody... nobody behaved in that manner.

    Of course, I couldn't voice that embarrassment, because I'd be opening myself up for "counsel".

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