Could Wt afford to proselytise in China if they were allowed in.

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  • JWdaughter

    There might be initial interest out of curiosity, but seriously, the WT isn't very appealing on the face of it, and less so as time goes by and they are exposed. By joining, all they get is basically, a bunch of crap. It might appeal to some weirdo's who have no family and long for one, but with the culture as it is, I think one would have to be pretty sold out to go against the entire culture, and I think the WT is something that can suck people in, but doesn't inspire them to get "sold out" at the onset. Family there is tight. The elder generations hold a lot of sway and are respected. JWs really screw with the structure of life there and they KNOW that just being religious at all will result in some kind of marginalization, much more so Christianity, and more so a cult. Being a JW here is about conforming your life to JWism. There it is about giving up everything and I think that is a tough sell because JWs message doesn't inspire one to do that for it.

    I had a chinese co-worker years ago. She dropped EVERYTHING when her mom was sick. (I got her job for months while she was ill until her mom died). Before that, she wore the dresses her mom picked for her wedding (both the western style white one and the red chinese style one) Everything was about pleasing the parents for their wedding-it really had nothing to do with what she really wanted. I had a hard time relating as a young American born woman. I can't see even her, raised mostly in the US, going against her family religion and tradition openly.

  • lurkernomore

    There are already an estimated 12 million Catholics in China so the wtbs will have plenty of catching up to do.

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