Could Wt afford to proselytise in China if they were allowed in.

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  • joe134cd

    I was just thinking today if China opened it doors to Wt, and there was the surge of interest as was the the case with the European eastern block countries when communism 1st fell. What would be Wt reaction toward it. Could Wt even afford to proselytise in China. What sort of infastruture would be required to operate in a country with the population and geographic size of China. The set up costs would be massive to cope with the size of China. Wt hasn't even got the money to finish of the US Bethel net a lone to build one to cope with the size of China. Would they perhaps go paperless as they did in India. What about the premises where they would meet. Thoughts please.

  • talesin

    Not only that, but it would be a hard sell in China. I've made a few new Chinese Canadian friends, and they are not likely to have any wool pulled over their eyes, especially with respect to religion.


  • joe134cd
    Point taken talesin. But I'm supposing there was a favourable response to it. You would only have to have 0.00001% of the Chinese people to swallow it and you would probably be up near 100,000 people +.
  • JWdaughter

    They can't afford it. The Indian Branch cannot be self supporting and still print anything. They are cutting way back because they can no longer be subsidized from outside of the country.

    While the WT would be allowed to send money TO China, they would likely always have to send them money-it would not be self supporting because of the size and overwhelming poverty of the only people that they could entice into it because of desperation or bad education.

    Can you imagine the costs of taking care of overseers with a tiny population of JWs and such huge amounts of territory? I am sure they have JWs there already and I'm sure no one is visiting them with any regularity, officially or unofficially

    They have sent missionaries in under the guise of being English teachers - they are instructed to find jobs in English teaching institutions etc and to mingle with the local Chinese people - This guise also assists them to avoid visa issues and the like - So they are definitely there under false pretenses - but its................Theocraptric Warfare its ok !
  • jws

    Well, notice how they weren't pulling special pioneers in developing countries?

    I may be stereotyping. Or rather I'm making assumptions based on what little I know of China. There is a lot of agriculture. Perhaps many are uneducated. We know Chinese sweatshops and poor working conditions exist. IMO, much of China is like a developing country.

    This could be the exact type of situation where their message carries. You wouldn't have to do a full scale campaign in China. But if the message is well received, they could start small and build. And with a target of a population that large, there are gains to be had - even the potential for significant profits.

  • Crazyguy
    If the doors we're allowed open the fact is that the overwelming majority of people signing up to become Christians would sign up with religions that help them financially. Thats not the Borg so growth would be just incidental.

    The WTBTS Traditionally follows in the footsteps of Catholicism. Take Mexico and South America, for example. They are ready to entertain an alternate Xian lifestyle, whereas that may not be true for China.

    China keeps its population under control just fine without meddling Xians. China ain't gonna take no crap....


  • ILoveTTATT2
    Data-dog nailed it. If there was a formula to predict growth among JW's, a significant factor is poverty, but another significant factor is the degree of catholicism in the country.
  • kaik

    Actually Joe, JW declined after the fall of communism. WT were either illegal, or underground, but tolerated, so it created an excellent environment for people to accept radical, doomsday ideas. Immediately, there was a spike followed by big waning in interest in religion. This is attested in last three censuses since 1989 where religiosity declined across the region. Younger generation is oblivious to JW message. Time when Jehovah Witnesses could attract 50,000 to 80,000 people on assemblies in Eastern Europe is long gone. I remember when memorial attendance was hovering around 50,000 and today is about 25,000.

    If JWs would be legal in China, there will be certainly a spike of interest. It would be something new, mysterious, and enticing. You will fish out some segment of population that is fascinated with doomsday cult and there is nothing anyone can do about.

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