The value of starting a new topic

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  • JWdaughter

    I AM silly and redundant, but unlike my family, you haven't shunned me for that or my religion or anything else. And i know I've pushed some buttons. I appreciate that I can come here and say what I think and the worst that happens is having to read what some of you think of me. . . but the posts are still replied to.

    How sad is it that I am comforted by hostile acknowledgment more than silent castigation:)

    Plus, Flipper always has something nice to say to everyone, even me. I think being here is worth it just to see what he's up to and the latest Sasquatch sightings. Which have NOTHING to do with JWs, and I thank Flipper for sharing them with us. I am a believer in the possibility of Sasquatch existing. And I can come on this site and say so and if you make fun of me, oh well. Next week you might agree with me about something. This is mostly a pretty good natured place to be, because we all have something in common that has hurt us a bit. We are all in different stages of going through it or getting over it.

    I'm amused by the Flying spaghetti monster, conspiracy theories, baby pictures and links to ridiculous JW videos. I learned about the ARC.

    Someone STARTED all those topics. THANK YOU, PEOPLE!!! Thank you Simon for giving us a place to start silly and brilliant and wonderful and ridiculous topics. For our sad news, happy news and sometimes tragic news. I want to know what happened to you all when you disappear. I want to hear about your stuff. Some of you keep me better informed than relatives do. And I don't think it is pointless or silly. I want to know how your mom is. I am fascinated by crazy shunning letters. I love hearing about the latest JW stuff that my mom doesn't know yet.

    Keep it coming, people!!

  • JWdaughter

    Phizzy, you said the coolest thing online today "It was Posting on here that changed me from the TWAT I was , to the twat I am today."

    Thanks for the giggle.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    It was Posting on here that changed me from the TWAT I was , to the twat I am today.

    Phizzy---ha ha ha ha ha ha

    good thread this Smid--here we are talking TWAT now already.

  • jhine

    So Phizzy , twat , TTATT , twat .

    What have you got against the other 23 letters of the alphabet ?


  • tornapart

    I remember starting one a few years ago and it was like opening a can of worms. LOL It got over 400 comments and turned into quite a fascinating debate. (Titled 'If man evolved?') It seemed to take on a life of it's own and certainly gave me plenty to think about.

    Having said that I think for me the best subjects are from various ones who are coping with the situation they find themselves in, especially having family members still in whilst they are mentally and either fully or partially out themselves. It really helps my own situation reading about other's experiences.

  • Phizzy
    O.K, I'll use another 2 Consonants please Jhine, (sounds like Countdown), I am a Twonk.
  • jhine

    Ok here is the conundrum . Who is the king or queen of new topics ? ( I don't know , that is why I am asking )

    Who do we think has started the most threads ? .


  • smiddy

    All those who start a topic for the first time will get an i for improved.

    Those that have more topics posted will get a g for good.

    Everybody who hasn`t posted in a long time gets a w for weak

    And those who have been on this board for a very long time and have not posted at all ,you get a pp

    for piss poor.


  • LevelThePlayingField
    smiddy - you bring up a good point. That we shouldn't really hold back if we have a topic in mind to bring up. I mean, this is really the only place that I really can express myself and really be me. I can let my true thoughts out and express them as I really am here and no where else.

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