The value of starting a new topic

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  • smiddy

    I see some members , who have been on this board for many ,many years , who very seldom posted a topic for discussion..I would like to encourage everyone in this situation to re-think there reasons for not starting a subject for discussion.

    Sometimes after the event , I have thought to myself why did you start that topic ,stupid, however on reading the replies to that said topic , I have learnt a helluva lot more in having done so .In other words I learn a great deal more from the feedback I get from you guys than the question or statement I post.

    You might think your question or statement is irrelevant , however to somebody else on this board it may just be the thing they are looking for to help them get through some issue of there own .

    So please don`t hold back from posting a subject dear to your heart , or anywhere else .

    Just saying


  • nicolaou
    Well said Smiddy.
  • Simon

    Yeah, well said.

    It's amazing how sometimes even a bizarre topic will be the catalyst for a really interesting discussion or learning something about other posters that I didn't know before.

    If anyone is worried about looking stupid for posting something dumb ... well, just look at my topic history and you'll feel much more confident :D

  • kramer
    Are you counselling us to answer up more brother ? :)
  • Simon

    Put your hand up and wait for the mic to get to you

    (oops, oh dear, hit them in the head with it)

  • jhine

    Good thought Smiddy , you keep saying away to your hearts content .


  • talesin

    COmments mixed up .......sorry.

    I've had similar happen. It's easy to feel silly and redundant. But you are right, Smiddy. It's always worth sharing, you never know what you may learn, or who may read and be helped.


  • smiddy

    In the early days on this board I was self conscious about what I posted ? there are far more better educated people here than I am . I left school when i was 14 years old , and I was a little bit intimidated at first. coming on this board.

    But then I thought , nobody knows who I am anyway , so If I do make a goose of myself , nobody will know it was me .

    I have actually started a thread that nobody , not one person commented upon., did I let that stop me from pressing on ? No but it could have ,

    So , could I just say here , your thoughts , your contributions , to this site can help so many people whether already members or lurkers or whatever , you may never know what help encouragement your input will be , does it matter ? if someone benefits by it ?

    Please don`t hold back


  • cofty

    Good post.

    If there is something you are wondering about or a point that makes sense to you then share it. You can be sure somebody else was wondering the same thing.

  • Phizzy

    Good O.P Smiddy, I think too that it is not until you post your own ideas that you really begin to examine your own beliefs, views, prejudices etc etc.

    I know it was that way for me, and yes I was a little embarrassed when shown how little I knew, and that many of my "fixed" ideas were totally wrong, but I soon came to see that people on here were trying to help this guy who had just stepped out of the Trueman show world of the JW's.

    It was Posting on here that changed me from the TWAT I was , to the twat I am today.

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