New York Times article Dec 31 2015

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  • mrmagic
    Watchtower is nothing but a parasite.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I can't imagine even the Watchtower would stoop so low as to place their world headquarters in a small town like Warwick and expect to receive all city services free of charge.

    I believe, in order to save on fire insurance costs, they have their own fire dept at Patterson so they may do the same at Warwick. Hopefully they won't need the Police much or the school system. They shouldn't have as much of an impact on the Warwick area proper, compared to Brooklyn where they shared the streets and sidewalks with the public. They will be on their own private compound now, rather than in the middle of a populated City. They may have wells on site for water but will need power and sewer unless they've got some kind of on site system of their own. If they need outside utilities, I imagine they'll pay the same rates for those as anyone else (maybe not). Shipping and trucking needs have gone down due to less printing and shipping of magazines and paper deliveries are likely reduced in comparison to what it was in Brooklyn. In order to get the land use permits they needed, the local Warwick government may have required them to widen their main road of usage, put in sidewalks and traffic lights to accommodate the new draw of visitors and additional trucking needs.

    I imagine the Warwick Chamber of Commerce may welcome the draw of outsiders to their area, who may frequent their businesses etc. In my mind, this complex will be self supporting enough that JW visitors and residents won't go beyond the walls of their own compound for food, accommodations and the like. The Brooklyn neighborhood complained about this back when I was in Bethel. They thought the Watchtower was far to insular and put a strain on the local free public amenities without having any real beneficial impact on the local businesses.

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    they will justify, to the rank and file, that it is pointless giving money back to a doomed world, and that this critisism is from the devil.................

    and the rank and file will swallow it whole.

    "jehovahs organisation"is always right. Difficult for us to counter their auguments to those who really need it, ie to those within the borg.

  • stuckinarut2

    Perhaps they could build a giant Watchtower play gym, with monkey-bars and slides that rapidly descend into pits of bright new light?

  • stillin

    I've been under the notion that, at least at Watchtower Farm, the Society had a good neighbor policy. They repaired roads which they used for heavy farm equipment and they did things deliberately just to prove that they were the kind of neighborhood religion that nobody could complain about.

    Something is very amiss for the WT leadership to have allowed things to degenerate to the extent that the NY ****ing Times would have enough to write something so negative.

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    Funny, the Bethelites used to have a lunchtime softball league that I played with one time, and it looks like it may have been at this location. It was all on concrete, (they played with an in-seam softball so as to not have the cover coming off all the time). The park we played at may very well be the same as described in the article.
  • WireRider

    Why do all communities world-wide have to pay extra taxes to accommodate community-services free-loaders like the Watchtower so they can boost their self serving profits?

    No one ever asked me if wanted to ripped off by the Watchtower.

  • sparrowdown

    Could you imagine creepy park designed by WT.

    Giant stuffed pandas.

    Slides that lead into an abyss.

    Heaven and hades see-saw.

    Stephen Lett clowns .....ew gives the horrors just thinking about it.

  • stillin

    Funny, Sparrow!


    You have to "qualify" for park privileges.

    there will be CPO's (city park overseers) who will stop by periodically, making sure that everybody is playing by the rules

    if anybody brings their own balls, the park overseers will carefully inspect them.

  • sparrowdown
    Lol, yeah, and don't forget the statues of GB fountain!!

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