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  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Jehovah's Witnesses in your area will be known for hiding under an umbrella whilst singing. Fabulous unwitness for them and showed locals exactly how unloving and how actually quite ridiculous they are. Normal people do not behave like that.

  • zeb

    many thanks for your replies. It nice to know Im not alone.

  • steve2

    There's nothing lonelier than the sound of a slowly dying relationship with loss and regret filling in the long silences. Even coffee no longer adds life. Sad.

  • atomant

    Ah the memorys of days gone by. From house to house from door to door.lol

  • stillin

    My poor brother, who never was a Witness, married a girl that became one. To the tenth degree. Now, thirty years later, he tells me that anywhere they go, she attempts to Witness. "You seem like a nice person. Are you one of Jehovah's Witnesses?" Ad nauseum.

    She is more than mildly eccentric and wants to control every situation.

    Sadly, my wife and I used to be something like that. Thank goodness my wife has turned it down some!

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