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  • sparrowdown

    Naked guy answering the door.

    Yes a tract burned on the doorstep and the chared remains blowing up the street to where the group had regrouped and a sister insisting it was a demonic attack.

    Going witnessing with a sister that had a bird phobia was ...interesting.

    Guy telling me I was nothing more than "cannon fodder" to WT - I actually went away and thought about that one in fact it turned out to be a seed of truth that germinated a year or so later, so a big thanks and a shout out to that strange weird little guy!

  • Giordano

    Two older sisters going door to door wake up a householder with their loud knocking.

  • stuckinarut2

    hahah! How many times did we secretly THINK those words like the sister said above?? Come on - be honest now!

  • JW_Rogue

    -Naked guy opens the door with a condom on, laughs then closes the door

    -Teenagers start playing ozzy osbourne/black sabbath, they say they worship the devil at their house

    -Girl opens the door with wife beater shirt and no bra, listens to entire presentation and takes the mags

  • HiddlesWife

    I related one most memorable ministry experience within a past thread entitled: "Are You Objective About Who You Were As A JW?", started by member Wasanelder Once, as shown below:

    Yeah, definitely. When I was a preteen, one of my cousins, another sister and myself (same age group) knocked on a door. A female householder opened it and after giving her the beginning of our presentation, she stated that she did not want to hear anything JWs have to say due to a number of doctrines and issues (which she enumerated, i.e., the blood ban, holidays, birthdays, armed forces participation, various hobbies and college/higher education--all of these particularly). I could tell that my cousin and the other sister were bristling up because they thereafter responded: "Well, what we believe is Bible based. So, you should stop and listen to what JWs have to say. By your not listening to us is going to affect your life and your future, Miss!". The woman then told us that she didn't want to hear anymore that we had to say; and if she hears us ringing or knocking on her door again, she will call the police. Unfortunately, the other sister yelled out: "That won't do you any good! We have a Constitutional right to preach to anyone and everyone!". The lady thereafter commented: "Well, since you feel that way, I have a Constitutional right to get my gat (gun/pistol) to enforce what I have said to you three, since you have a problem with listening to me!". She left her door open and walked to the back of her apartment. Since this was the situation, we ran away from her door and into the nearby stairwell (this was a 10-story apartment building) and out of the complex into the street to the nearby corner and waited for the brother leading the four field service groups.

    Long story short=> The BORG has really influenced and indoctrinated many Dubs to show arrogance(the phrase that pays) and haughtiness when speaking to people about God and His Word. Many of the R&F have been also placed in the line of fire [literally (i.e., guns, vicious dogs and other weapons of minor destruction, etc.)] to spread these lies and untruths.

  • FedUpJW

    Went to a door. Rang the bell. Young girl answers door wearing nothing but a smile.

    Fortunately it was the other fellows door so I could stare to my hearts content. He stammered out his name, and forgot mine. Introduced me by the wrong name. Turned out the name he used was her cousin! Had a good laugh, and have always wished I could have bedded her!

  • jookbeard

    my mate had nicknames for his RV's one elderly guy who used to cough a lot was called The Cougher

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Shot at by an angry householder with a shotgun as we ran to drive the long driveway back to the road.

    Said, "Hello sir" to the man behind the dark screen door. Turned out to be a woman with a husky voice.

    Offered Awake on lung cancer to woman at door after pointing out dangers of second hand smoke. She said, "I have stage 4 lung cancer and no one in my family smokes or smoked. No thanks."

    Was with a ten year old boy at the door. No one would answer. They were laughing on the other side of the window next to the door and making rude comments. I kept knocking till a girl answered. I opted for the shame approach. I said, "Have you noticed the disrespectful attitude of young people towards adults and children who take their personal free time to bring good news, something positive to them? Its really sad that they are so self centered and disrespectful. What do you think?" Always leave a question baby! She took the magazines, lol. The boy asked me, "Is that what you always say?"

    I answered: "Never do that."

  • jookbeard

    we had met for FS one morning and we had this particualry awful old hag in our cong who rarely came to the meetings but used to go out in the FS! I hardly knew her, my mate an elder/pioneer assigned me to work with her and I noticed a subtle grin as he paired us up, well it started bad and continued to get worse as the morning progressed, she was rude,arrogant, wouldn't take no as an answer, a real "foot in the door" merchant, an awful woman, I couldn't wait for the hour to finish quick enough, we had a laugh after about it though.

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