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  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    Hi does anyone have any bad ministry experiences to share or really funny ones?

    Some of mine were:

    - having water sprayed on us with a hose

    - a drug addict that was very hostile and close to going for me when I was heavily pregnant

    - being called a child murderer in front of my child

    - doors slammed in face

    - magazines set on fire in front of me

    - sworn at when kids were with me

    - magazines thrown at us

    - shouted at

    The worst bit is that children are exposed to these things regularly when they're out

  • sir82

    One of my favorites....

    Was out with an older gentleman named Jim who was, not quite "all there". Not seriously impaired, mind you, just lacking in social graces and just kind of, well, loopy.

    The Awake for that time featured an article on drug abuse in general, and on "crack" in particular. Crack addiction was the latest existential crisis dominating the news cycles at the time.

    So Jim goes shambling up to a householder who is standing on the sidewalk leading up to his front door.

    What is Jim's greeting? "Hello", you might think. "Good morning" would be fine. "How are you, my name is Jim" would work. All reasonable salutations.

    But not for Jim. Got to get get right to the point.

    So, he shambles on up to the guy, me tagging along, and the first words out of his mouth are...

    "So, what are we going to do about this crack?"

    The householder, bewildered, can't figure out what he is on about. He starts looking down at the sidewalk, thinking old Jim is maybe some sort of county inspector who is about to fine him for a dangerous flaw in the pavement.

    Finally, ol' Jim pulls out the magazine and proceeds to do whatever presentation he had in mind.

    Don't recall whether the guy took the mag or not.

    But I still get a kick thinking back, to this poor guy searching desperately for the dangerous crack in his sidewalk.

  • scotsman

    Having a householder gently push me over the edge of a balcony and hold a sword against my throat in the roughest part of the city. He wasn't threatening me he was illustrating how he would deal with an intruder. I recall being completely calm about it although my partner was freaked out. I was 18 and thought I was invincible.

    Group of kids cornered us in a snowball fight one night in a housing scheme, it was hilarious.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Being given a tour of a home owner's pet goat cemetery in her front yard. Creepy.

    Didn't happen to me, but I was in the car group when a naked woman wearing only a trench coat jumped out of the bushes and flashed an elder. He returned red faced and stammering. His wife, a FT Pioneer, teased him mercilessly for the rest of the morning.

  • caves

    The day after my jw grandmother died( I was real close to her) A family member that was raising me took me out in field service , it was her sister that had just died the day before. I saw dead grandmother with her mouth open waiting for the coroner to arrive just the day before, I was devastated. So I started crying while going from door to door and was violently shaken by her and screamed at me to pull myself together. I can never forget that and I cant forgive it either. Something tells me that that was my childhood breaking point.

    I only had a good time in FS when i didnt have to go.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Homeowner siced two dogs on us, which chased us to end of the driveway.

    Woman wearing very loose/low top with slightly visible areola, young brother talking with her stayed there a looong time, kept conversation going.

    Householder told pioneer she had a nice rack.

    Man who was a truther tried to 'witness' to us about aliens.

    Woman talked to us like we were possessed and said "Begone!"

    Mentally disabled (but otherwise somewhat normal looking) woman answers the door, and I talk for a little while only gradually realizing that the conversation is basically one way, then her caretaker comes to get her.

  • Londo111

    One time, a householder was washing their car and put the hose on the bumper. Well, the hose fell to the pavement handle first, and sprayed us. No biggie. It was actually refreshing.

    Every door was pure anxiety for me. Just talking to stranger about religion was a bad enough experience. Being yelled at and so forth was just icing on the cake.

  • Gorbatchov

    Gorby presented the magazines to a householder. Responded "did you read them, Gorby?".

    After watching the frontpage I answered "eh, no, not this issues".

    Householder told me: "Go home, and read them first before asking me".


  • AnonVet

    Ringing the doorbell and the householder angrily coming to the door, "can't you knock! It's early out!".

    The very next door I knock and the householder angrily comes to the door, "Why are you knocking!? I have a doorbell!"

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    I remember a few more. This one makes me smile--

    Going door-to-door in August-- hazy, hot and humid. Standing in the hot sun talking with two Catholic women accompanied by a rising star, former drug addict, later to become Substitute CO brother. I was in my first trimester-- no one knew except Mr. SailAway. I grew faint, started to black out, but was able to grab an iron railing nearby in the shade. I pressed my forehead to it.

    One of the women asking in an accusatory voice, "Is she pregnant?" Newbie JW says, "I don't know! Don't look at me!" She got me some orange juice.

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