One question to ask Lloyd Evans

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  • usualusername1

    Lloyd Evans has a livestream and must answer all questions. The only catch. You can only ask one question plus a follow up.

    My fave so far is would you want your daughter to marry a man who was unfaithful every few months with prostitutes.

    What would you ask him?

  • slimboyfat

    Are there any former colleagues who are still prepared to work with him? Apart from Tibor, who is being paid. Not Kim Silvio, obviously, producer Bob, Mark O’Donnell, Javier Ortiz, Vincent Deporter, Ben Foard … I don’t know of anyone who has come out and said they are prepared to continue working with him.

  • NonCoinCollector

    I have asked the following question multiple times to Lloyd supporters. Not a one of them will answer me.

  • Biahi

    Lloyd has put up a new video on YouTube. If anyone is interested, he addresses recent occurrences, and says he is ready to move forward with his channel.

  • NotBlind

    Anyone who still follows Lloyd (and god forbid, sends him cash) should sing the following song to the tune of old Song 113 in the brown JW songbook:

    We are Cedar’s witnesses!

    We bankroll his lawlessness!

    Lloyd’s a major a$$hole,

    as he’s often shown.

    Pro$titutes he likes to see,

    They’re paid for by you and me.

    For an excuse he looks all in vain.

    Can his subscribership maintain?

    We are Cedar’s witnesses!

    Activism’s his business!

    This perv is full of hypocrisy,

    Patrons are starting to flee!

  • Simon
    sing the following song to the tune of old Song 113 in the brown JW songbook

    Oh man, I heard that in my head ... I even did the sustained notes for "hypocriseeeeeee", LOL

    My Q: When you say you "can't control yourself" and try to imply that the billions of men who can are somehow abnormal, do you mean literally, similar to what rapists and child molesters claim? Or do you really mean that you simply choose not to control yourself? i.e. like a fatty bum-bum who chooses to eat cake instead of healthy food.

    My follow up Q: How much cake do you consume to get in shape?

  • JeffT

    You have said that you did not use Patron money to pay for your trips to Thailand. Where did that money come from? Will you, in the interest of transparency, show the public how you separated your personal and professional finances?

    OK, that's two questions, but they are closely tied together.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    One question to ask Lloyd Evans - "hey Lloyd, why are you such a c**t?"

    Sorry, I couldn't resist

    Can't have enough of laughter emojis, say Mumbaikars - Times of India

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I don't know what question you could ask him that he would answer honestly. He doesn't seem capable of admitting he f'ed and needs to apologize to his wife, his friends and everyone else he has hurt or caused harm to. I think that apology should also include the sex workers who probably aren't there by choice that he has use. A sincere apology would include stepping down and finding something else to do for a living. However, I think we've already seen as much as an apology as we'll ever see out of him and now it just business as usual. He'll still have his loyal followers but that doesn't prove anything. Even serial killers in prison often seem to have a fan base.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Regarding that song, it was also in the purple songbook before the brown one, though I don't know the number. If I remember correctly, it had a somewhat soft cover, not the stiff board of the brown songbook. It was also thinner, though it was roughly the same dimensions. It was called Singing and Accompanying Yourselves with Music in your Hearts. This was the first one I remember in the '70s. I believe the brown one appeared in the '80s.

    Maybe it doesn't really matter that some organizational memories are lost.

    It's certainly not the same religion anymore and it makes you wonder whether your memories are even relevant for the younger folks who are questioning things right now.

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