Some Other Terms For The "Big Bang".....

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  • titch

    Folks: As you probably all know, it has been speculated that the whole Universe, or Cosmos, started with what has been called "The Big Bang." But, I've thought up some other terms for the "BB". How about the Big Boom....or, the Big Kaboom....or, the Big Explosion...the Big Ignition...or...the Big Cosmic Fartation. Or, how about the Big S.O.E (Start of Everything)...the Big B.O.E. (Beginning of Everything). Can you think of any other terms? Let us know/. Best Regards, Everyone...


  • waton

    The BB or Big Beginning or the

    BETMaCo Big Energy to Matter Conversion. or

    SOTTT or BOTTT, start or beginning of Travel through Time. Note, we travel through time, a possible creator is in time, was stationary in the infinite past, and is already waiting for us in the future ( James chapter 1, "there is no variation or rotation of the shadow" , sundial for the deity.

    F124 event. At the Big Bang, the cosmos went from I dimension, (time) to (two) 3 more, namely it added heights, length and depth. or 3D + time. 3D to hang all that newfelutin matter into.

    SoBEG or BoBEG Beginning of the grabbing of Energy to make matter, feed expansion. Note: The universe is still travelling into the future, expanding into time, and acquiring [dsark] energy in the process, Noter, all energy in the cosmos was not used up in the Big Bang, there is more in timespace and in energytime.

    note, you were there. if your energy, matter did not go through the Big Bang, you would not be here. so, if asked, where is the Big Bang, or the new names event located now ? we all are individually , it is the others that spread away from us.

    TFA the first acceleration.

  • truth_b_known

    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I prescribe more to the eternal universe model which uses the terms of The Big Crunch or The Big Bounce.

    This is where over an extremely long period of time referred to as an "aeon" the universe contracts after expanding. Once it contracts until all matter ceases, it suddenly expands again with an event that is described as The Big Bang.

    How long has this been going on? Time only exists when matter exists so it is hard to tell, but it may be that there is no beginning.

  • waton
    Time only exists when matter exists

    tbk: that is a popular concept, pleases the thinker, without him or other matter, nothing matters, to her, time is a byproduct of the hard stuff. For such ones, time is only an

    emerging derivative.

    matter, of course is made from energy, and that powerful potential for work can not be created or destroyed and needs uncreated time, pre-BB energytime and timespace to exist in.

    Matter is a mere newcomer to the cosmos, it needs no pre- Big Bang bounces to be. Try Dirac.

  • Rocketman123

    " The Beginning "

    But what instigated the capability of that beginning ?

  • Bobcat

    I think "Expansion Theory" was the more correct term. If I remember correctly, "The Big Bang" was a term coined by someone who was making fun of the idea. Only, it caught on to general use.

    Also, I don't think "the big bang" or "expansion theory" is really meant to explain a first cause. Rather, it is a theory meant to explain how the universe arrived at its present expanding condition. Since the universe appears to be expanding (and cooling) at an accelerating rate, it can be logically inferred that you can deduce backwards to a single point condition (an infinitely hot and dense singularity). What caused it to expand in the first place is not really part of the expansion theory. That's my understanding, at any rate.

    To me, there also seems to be a relationship between this theory and the idea in quantum physics of energy/matter at the theoretical Planck Level. (Where energy/matter cannot be divided into smaller parts and is infinite and everywhere at the same time.)

    Biblically, the theory could be understood to coincide with a statement in Isaiah that God is 'spreading out the heavens.' (Isa 40:22b; Some translations take "the heavens" to refer to "the sky.")

    It is interesting that "The Big Bang" is usually (in my experience anyways) dismissed as non-sense in Kingdom Hall discussions. But ironically, I think the Society actually takes a wait-and-see attitude towards it.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    The Calvin and Hobbes comic strip discussed the Big Bang theory back in the 1990's and came up with the term "Horrendous Space Kablooie (or HSK)." I love it! According to the wikipedia article about the comic strip, some scientists and universities still use the term in a kind of "tongue-in-cheek" reference.

    Here's to the HSK! Makes more sense that any religious fairytale.

  • titch

    UTR: Or, how about "The Horrendous Space Kapowie". Good one, from Calvin & Hobbes.


  • Rattigan350

    What came after the Big Bang?

    The Big Cigarette.

  • OnTheWayOut

    TOOTS- The Opposite Of The Singularity

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