So telling that there are no little children

by eyeslice 20 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • LongHairGal


    I just realized the word ‘immortality’ was typed out somehow instead of ‘immorality’ which of course I meant. Sorry!..I agree with you that it was always cringe-worthy to me whenever a child raised their hand to answer and elaborate on something so inappropriate! And, yes, what would visitors think? JWs are notoriously ignorant on many things, but they can tell you all about circumcision 🙄.


    The last time I entered a hall was for somebody’s funeral talk. I saw one underage child there who looked about 8 or 9.. I guess when JW children become teenagers it is harder to keep them captive and force them to sit through this. I remember an older sister back in the day in the hall who paid her adult son $ if he would attend a meeting once in a while! But, even that didn’t work because after once or twice I never saw him again there. The phrase “you couldn’t pay me” comes to mind.

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