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  • FadeToBlack

    A curious and genuine question for Rebel and other art people: do you do it for your own enjoyment or do other people need to see it? And a second: if other people see it, does it matter if they like it?

    I prefer the first work you displayed.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    FadeToBlack good question. I saw a film in which an artist painted a portrait of a beautiful woman, he then hid the painting behind a brick wall.

    As for why I paint,or write on this board I think all forms of physical expression are a weary pain . For example to write on this board, we have gone through negative experiences which is why we are here.Why do we post? I mean It's putting ourself out their risking negative feed back, but we do it? I call that Art.But that hasn't answered the why? I think real artists have no choice, they create all the time, as for people like me, I realize my limits, and it's just a hobby as opposed to watchingT.V

    Of course it's also nice if people like my posts, my art, me as a person, but It's not so important, you have to be pretty thick skinned when you leave the witnesses.

    I think the bottle flip challenge is art, I mean first you flip a bottle and with practice it finally lands wrong side up, then with further practice you get better and think up individual new challenges and ways to flip a bottle.

    Has anyone seen Dude perfect on you tube?I think those guys are artists.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I have come a long way since my first post on this board, right or wrong questions on right or wrong now bore me. Anyway outside of life and its complicated bullshit,I think it nice if we can be enthusiastic about something, about anything ...Cofty has his metal detecting, I occasionally have my art. Yes I have my football, my son, my wife but we all need something that is OUR ALONE TIME, a hobby, what's yours?

    p.s I thank the internet for giving me this opportunity to present my Art .Even if only on this thread.I really appreciate that gift, because it's my art, and I think it wonderful that I was given that opportunity.

    Anyone growing up before the internet will understand the above comment, and thanks to modern technology here is your opportunity.

  • rebelfighter

    Rebel, I love your paintings. For me I love all the arts music, painting, dance, gymnastics, even old architecture you get the idea. Currently I am into mixed medium. I have just learned how to paint palm bark. My first piece was for a large floral arrangement in my dining room. I attempted the other day to post a pic but computers does not like me and went into this forever mode.

    You said "thick skinned" never a JW but as an abused victim at least twice I have developed a very thick skin. For forty plus years my days were spent analyzing numbers so at the end of the day it was a great to escape both situation into something far more enjoyable like some form of the arts.

    I also remodel the homes we buy to live in. What work I do not do myself, I drive the contractors nuts because all work is custom design. Very rare is anything plain and simple. My last house I custom painted the place myself to the point everyone thought it was wallpaper. The dining room had very fine alternating stripes with glitter paint the color difference was barely noticeable but it was the glitter that set it off. The fourth wall with a fire place was painted the same colors but in diamond pattern.

    I just think we are all born with some amazing talents and I just enjoy watching everyone get the most out of these talents.

  • Xanthippe

    One I started a few years ago, I really must finish it.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Great painting Xanthippe.

    Rebelfighter " I just think we are born with some amazing talents and I enjoy seeing every one getting the most out of these talents"

    I agree rebelfighter, which is why I wish I could re-name this thread " Our Talents" because a talent is an art, be it cooking, cleaning, reading, breathing, even thinking it's all a created form of expression/ art.

  • rebelfighter

    I really like that Xanthippe.

    Cute story my next painting project is my pool deck and lanai. My son so graciously said I will paint and seal it for you. So I sent him a picture of what I wanted. I got an instant reply. I said I would paint not do art work. I should have known you would not have settled for a simple paint job.

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