Theocratic School changes a distraction from the problems?

by thedepressedsoul 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • thedepressedsoul

    I find the timing of the new mid week meeting rather strange. We all know JW's love their carrot on the stick, they salivate over speculating what the new releases will be at the convention.

    With all these problems going on, layoffs, child abuse, money issues, building halts etc... What better way to have your average JW ignore it than to completely change up the meeting. Instead of your average Joe talking about the issues they'll be praising the new school with one and other.

  • sir82

    That is my impression - JWs are easily distracted. If everyone is all googly-eyed over the re-jiggering of the mid-week meeting, there will be less hub-bub about reports from Bethel.

    Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, to use a time-worn cliche. "Iceberg? What iceberg? We just comped you up to 1st class!"

  • Magwitch
    That is exactly what I am thinking........It is all a bunch of smoke and mirrors.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I agree with the depressed soul. A totally convenient way to cover all the problems is to dress something up like the mid-week meeting. Very, very convenient.
  • Dissonant15
    I find it very interesting that the letter is dated to be read October 4th, which is the anniversary of jwsurvey & Cedars had already announced his "apostate" film will be released this day. I truly believe the GB chose this date as part of a publicity stunt to steal the spotlight.

    Change as a distraction just proves how Dubs have no real spirituality. The meetings are so damn boring, it's the same shit for decades upon decades.

    There are always a few delusional dubs, usually older sisters, who carry the meetings. When they die.....


  • sparrowdown

    Nothing happens overnight with this org.

    These kinds of changes are likely planned at the very least a couple of years in advance. What you see is definitely all there is with this religion and where it's all leading has yet to be revealed. IMO

  • sparrowdown
    Correction: what you see is definitely NOT all there is with this religion.
  • sparrowdown
    I really feel these changes are only the beginning of a slash and burn program.
  • vinman
    Most certainly a distraction. True, these arrangements have been in the works for years perhaps. But I can seen Tony saying that we need to implement now!

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