'American Gone Mad' - a British author's view on the current situation

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I feel sad because over a thousand years of brutal wars of murdering innocence we still haevn't learned our lessons. Seems like this US Adminstration has taken us back 1000 years to the "Christian Crusades". "God is on our side men" now go out there and kill for him.

  • hillary_step

    Breaking News - Le Carre Flees to Bagdhad....

    Reuters is reporting today that after attending a covert overnight meeting with sympathizers of Saddam Hussein, John Le Carre, British author of such spy classics as 'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold' has left his home and travelled to Bagdhad in disguise. His exact whereabouts are presently unknown and Government sources agree that it would be impossible to find him in Bagdhad owing to the convincing disguise he is thought to be wearing. Tony Blair responded to accusations of inaction in apprehending Le Carre by stating, "It would be like trying to find a mustache in a haystack".

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  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Hi expat and Dakota,

    I can see your point of view and I will be the first to praise Bush and Blair if there are no civilian casualties and Saddam surrenders and the Iraqi people have help to set up a democratic government..

    but I can't see it happening.

    Two Iraqis were speaking today on the radio and made some excellent points.They brought up the incident that happened during the Gulf war.

    There was a SPONTANEOUS uprisingby in Iraq; the very kind that the US say they want.But the war was brought to an end 24 hours after the uprising had started and the US stood by while Iraqi gun ships systematically massacred 300,000 people in three weeks. The problem was that it was spontaneous- they wanted control over the situation; they want to be the ones to dictate where and when an uprising would happen- that shocked me.

    It was also pointed out that there are over 400,000 Iraqis in exile and none have volunteered to fight perhaps showing a lack of confidence and unwillingness to support a Nation that allowed, for it's own means, the death of 300,000 of the very people it was claiming to 'free'.There may be problems getting the Iraqi people to accept help from the US to start the process. The US also supported Saddams party in 1963, and seem to have a clear concience regarding thir dealings with him and a very short memory.

    Hopefully it won't last long - it's been named here as 'The Battle of Blair's Bush' English sattire always hits the button !

  • Englishman

    Hi Termite, me ole Radio 2 compatriot of the Jeremy Vine class:

    Personally, I think that this all had to be done. It is high time that the Saddam regime faced the consequences for their actions. I can't see any moral highground in any of this, just a gut instinct that says it's time that this dictator moved on.

    Is it right? Is it wrong?

    Whatever, it has to be done.


  • RandomTask

    Regardless of what you think E-Man, I really like your avatar!

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