It's right there in our faces, how could we NOT see it?

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  • traveb

    For an interesting and extensively researched book about the historical Jesus, I highly recommend reading Zealot, by Reza Aslan. Besides the life of Jesus, the author delves into the disagreements between his early followers right after his death, primarily between James (Jesus' brother) and Paul. He makes the argument that it was Paul who turned Jesus into a divine figure.

    It's a fun read.

  • blondie

    I think they have a show starting on tv about now about his travels.

  • Steel

    The argument against Jesus as God is kind of chicken and egg. If god comes to earth a fully human man is he really still god ?

    Its really more a matter of manifestion or who new testament writers are referring too in the old testament. Instead of father and son there terms invisible and visible god should be used.


    With overwhelming biblical evidence contradicting the WTS position in every book of the New Testament, how else could NOT seeing the real truth be explained other than conditioning against what the bible actually says?

    The WTS goes to extreme measures to 'teach' what the bible really says, without actually letting one learn what the bible actually teaches.......weird.

    I have found that every single scriptural example that the WTS provides to prove their position is null and voided within the very chapter of their proof verse.

    It has been explained over and over again, many times

    cognitive dissonance


  • Spoletta

    I've always come at the question from the viewpoint of Occam's Razor. When I try to wrap my mind around how the Trinity would work, smoke comes out of my ears. I can more easily imagine the Father/Son relationship, where the son takes over the family business.

  • OrphanCrow

    Bible discussions are so much fun

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