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  • Akid48

    Does any one think the wt is going to go out this way?I know its dark but i can see it going down that way but i dont see it being the way there would go down.

  • cofty

    No. It's still a long way from that end of the cult spectrum.

  • sir82

    It would be awfully hard to get 8.5 million people, spread out over the whole globe, to act that way.

  • jookbeard

    not going to happen, the group is far too apathetic for that to happen, it would seal their destruction even if the signal was given.

  • sparrowdown

    There is only one major flaw to that scenario. WT is a business that needs to stay afloat and people can't donate if they're dead.

  • steve2

    Every few months, someone starts a thread on this topic. There are many, many outcomes for JW organization in the future - this is not one of them by a country mile. It is puzzling that a religion that makes a huge deal of not participating in the military and/or warfare could ever be so frequently subjected to this type of question.

    What some posters have done is suggest" more of a spiritual Jonestown in which JWs willingly die for their beliefs (refusing blood transfusions).

    But back to the actual topic itself, there is absolutely no evidence JWs would purposely or collectively kill themselves and/or their fellow believers due to cult directives.

  • Akid48


    rethink i should of more took it at the blood stand point my bad.

  • Akid48

    i dont like this post that much any more i did some thinking its a no.

  • kairos

    When the scam is finally undeniable, I could see thousands killing themselves in shock.
    It's one thing to wake up over time and feel suicidal. It's another to have to wake up with you face being slapped for days straight at a time.

    Some of the uber dubs will crash and burn, I'm sad to predict... :(

  • MrRoboto

    Considering the possible subliminal message intention back in the Sergei video series of a glass of some colored liquid being full in one scene then empty seconds later - I would be highly suspicious if there was ever 'New Light' on who partakes of the wine and bread - especially if they change it to be everyone. Even more so if all the wine and/or bread comes from a central source.

    It would be doable, just have it all done at the same time worldwide or even 1/2 world at a time. This would minimize the potential that the news would spread far/wide before the rest of the 'sheep' get 'fed.'

    Could make up some nonsense about doing it at the same time worldwide and spiritual unity and how it's all symbolic anyways and Jesus didn't specify a time or date so we are free to adjust if we wish. Now that we will have the memorial talks beamed in from HQ, they could all have already eaten/drank the unkool-aid by the time they encourage everyone else to do the same - perhaps one last joke on the masses - the dead speaking to you!

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