A conversation with an ultra dub relative

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  • joe134cd

    I was talking to a very PIMI relative the other day. Despite been ultra orthodox she is a sweet old soul. Because of this I had to be super careful how I worded things, due to my respect for her and not wanting to upset or get her aposta-dar homing I’m on me. I just wanted enough to get her thinking. Here’s how it went in part - God bless her soul.

    Joe: You would think with all the money they just recently took from the Kingdom Halls that there would a lot more building going on.

    Relative: I guess there is. They are probably building in countries where the locals can’t afford to do it.

    Joe: oh I guess I’ll have to go and check that out on jw.org.

    Relative: they are also making the Magerzines thinner,and using the internet more too.

    joe: oh why is that. I thought with all the building work going on and been so near to the end they would be making the mags bigger as a greater source of spiritual food.

    relative; oh they are making them thinner so that people can come into the truth quicker.

    joe: oh really (with an eye roll and at this stage I’m thinking this women just ain’t getting it). I guess in this country where we can afford technology it isn’t to much of a problem. But I wonder in these countries where all this building work is going on, many could not afford to buy a tablet and it could even be dangerous to visibly walk around with such a gadget.

    relative: jehovah will care for their needs.

    joe: (with a smile)I’m sure jehovah is abundantly supplying for them Aunty.

    conversation moves to another subject.

  • Finkelstein

    Should have told her about the 1.5 billion the WTS made selling off its Brooklyn New York properties

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    You have a PM

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    is it worth trying with elderly dubs ? why try rocking their boat ? they will be getting their promised resurrection any time soon.

    go after the young dubs--they have so much more to gain getting out of the cult.

  • scratchme1010
    ...they are making them thinner so that people can come into the truth quicker...

    To me this is the heartbreaking part. They seem so happy in their own little comfy bubble of simplistic thinking.

  • Diogenesister
    relative: jehovah will care for their needs.
    joe: (with a smile)I’m sure jehovah is abundantly supplying for them Aunty.

    one thing that drives me dotty is this:

    If Jehovah is caring for people's needs, ie ensuring they get the message and understand it despite few resources, opposers etc when for whatever reason jws can see (for once!)we can't help.....why in hells name DOESNT HE JUST DO SO FOR EVERYBODY ALL OF THE TIME!


    sorry for shouting ;-)

  • Finkelstein

    JWS are false Prophets because they are subservient to false prophets running the Watchtower Corporation.

    To be in god's chosen great crowd you have to be loyally adherent to Jesus and his instructions, not sinful men.

  • LifesNotOver

    Stan livedeath:. Everyone, regardless of age, deserves to hear TTAT, in my opinion. I'm a 72 year old woman who left 2 years ago. I have many good years of living left in me and am as worthwhile as a younger person. I may be wrong, but isn't your attitude one of age discrimination?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    LifesNotOver: i'm 70.

  • LongHairGal


    Of course you have a lot of life left in you.👍🏻

    Anybody deserves to hear TTATT, but I would draw the line with somebody on their death bed or somebody non compos mentis. It would be pointless and cruel. This is just my opinion.

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