Anyone know any former long time Bethelites or circuit overseers?

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  • LongHairGal


    Those who have been dumped have been sent back to local congregations.

    These congregations already have their share of people who are struggling because they believed the bullshit that having college or planning monetarily for retirement was a lack of faith. 🙄 Add to that the people with serious issues brought into the religion in recent years plus those who were afraid of the workforce and the ‘world’.

    You have the makings of a serious problem in the Witness world..On top of that, those affluent elderly (over 80) who threw money around in the past like it was confetti are passing away..Who is there to beg money from?.. Anybody who looks halfway decent or has a job will be pestered- that’s who.

    I did the right thing leaving years ago because these hypocrites would be making their way over to ME with an envelope in their hand...Uh, sorry but No.

  • Finkelstein

    I knew of situations where the sons or daughters of COs and their wives were left to look after these people after the WTS used and exploited them.

    This put an extra hardship onto these people.

    One comes to mind of a couple retired in their 60's had to build and extra room at their home to house their ailing parents.

  • snugglebunny

    Any UK person or couple with insufficient or even no pension contributions can claim Pension Credit at, or sometimes before, retirement age.

  • Atlantis
    But I did hear when insurance companies pay the homeowner, or FEMA writes them a check, it has to get turned over to the Organization. Is that accurate? Because there was a monthly broadcast within the last few months where a brother spoke about the projection of expenses for that year or the following year and how it was going to be so much higher than past years based on all the natural disasters.

    What would you say the Watchtower is recommending or implying to JW's in these quotes?

    2003 Watchtower/6/1/pg.6
    "Jehovah’s Witnesses today are also quick to help when disaster strikes. During the summer of 2001, for instance, torrential storms caused major flooding in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. In all, 723 homes of Witnesses were damaged to some extent, many of them quite badly. A disaster relief committee made up of qualified Christian elders was immediately formed to assess individual needs and to allocate relief funds to help the local Witnesses to cope with the situation and repair their homes. Willing volunteers from neighboring congregations performed all the work. One Witness was so appreciative of the help that when she received payment from her insurance company to cover the repairs to her house, she immediately donated the money to the relief fund so that it could help others in need."
    Year Book-94-p.13 Relief Operations An Expression of Our Love

    On the other side of the globe, Hurricane Iniki smashed into the northwestern Hawaiian Islands in September 1992. It proved to be the worst natural disaster in the history of Hawaii. Even before the storm hit the island of Kauai, the elders there were organizing to help their brothers. Spirituality was kept to the fore. During the following weeks, repair and rebuilding was done on 400 homes of the brothers. In each instance, before work began on a specific home, the work crew and the family involved discussed the text for the day and prayed together. For a period of six months, experienced elders, accompanied by their wives, from other islands also went to the disaster area to provide shepherding, conduct meetings, take the lead in field service, and assist in filling out complicated government and/or insurance-claim forms.


    And it even gets better!
    Watchtower Disaster Relief Fraud download. Includes the Watchtower Disaster Relief Manual/Spanish, but important parts were translated.


  • James Jack
    James Jack

    If they have 25 years of Service they get $650 a month

  • Betheliesalot

    . One Witness was so appreciative of the help that when she received payment from her insurance company to cover the repairs to her house, she immediately donated the money to the relief fund so that it could help others in need

    This is a made up story so out of the ordinary that only Uber Jws will believe it and awe that fool. Articles in any of their magazines have so many stories similar to this, because they never mention any source where you can fact check any of their articles.

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