Anyone know any former long time Bethelites or circuit overseers?

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  • BourneIdentity

    As you know, when you work your whole life, you pay into social security. At retirement, you collect a paycheck from the government based on a percentage of income you drew for all those years. Do any of you know anyone that had been at Bethel for decades and then were laid off? Or a circuit overseer who served for decades and then was replaced with a younger one? How are these people taken care of? Being they aren't entitled to any money, or very little from the government, does the Organization have some type pension or retirement account for those people that faithfully served for decades?

    I heard something on YouTube from a former Bethelite that when you go there, you sign a vow of poverty. I guess that's what the Governing Body can point to when these people are nearing the end of their life and complaining about no money to live on during retirement. I'm sure all these people that gave decades of service never imagined the system going on and were convinced they'd never see old age.

    Knowing the Organization and how they never part with money unless they are getting it back with interest, I'm sure they throw the burden on the congregation members to take care of these people. If any of you know of any people and what they did to survive, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

  • jookbeard

    the PO of my old cong was a special pioneer,CO and Betheilte,ass of a man

  • WillYouDFme

    So many of them live at the mercy of some congregation that takes them in.

    An old CO who had to retire because of age and health was taking in by one of the local halls by me.
    They gave him a small apartment, and he lives there with his wife.

    The same happens all over.

  • Atlantis

    Vow of Obedience and Poverty download.


  • FedUpJW

    does the Organization have some type pension or retirement account for those people that faithfully served for decades

    hahahahahahahahahaha. Not being a smart-ass, just struck me funny that the question would even be asked. Money flows ONLY one way in WT; from the sheeple to the top. NEVER the other way around. WT will use you, abuse you, chew you up and spit you out, and never look back or give you a second thought once you are not of any financial or physical use to them.

    "Cleanliness is next to godliness," said Mario Beltrami, a Witness from Plantation who was helping oversee the prep work at the home of the Florida Panthers hockey team. "We're not finding a lot of dirt. We just like to give it a sprucing up. We want to make sure it's clean for us and our guests."
    More than 20,000 Witnesses went door to door during the past few weeks inviting the public to the convention. The event is free and no collection will be taken.

    Does anyone know where District Overseer Mario Beltrami is today? He should be in his early 70's today. He and his wife were our congregation Overseers and I found them to be a wonderful couple. Mario would come to my house with the local elders to see why I missed so many meetings. I found him to be an honorable man. The local elders were not so kind to me.

    Mario and his wife were transferred to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area over 10 years ago. The Society provided an apartment in the Fort Lauderdale area for him and his wife. I hope that the Watchtower Society didn't leave him and his wife high and dry.

  • BourneIdentity
    Thanks for the download Atlantis. Point 6 says any income they earn while they are under that vow has to get turned over to the Order if it's in excess of their living expenses. I was not surprised to read about that one bit!

    FedUpJW - I knew people would get a kick out of that question I asked, lol. Speaking of the money flow, do they ever, under any circumstances part with any money with the understanding they will not see it back? Like with hall builds, they hand out the money, but they eventually get it repaid by the congregation month to month. I heard with disaster relief, they help the brothers and sisters by paying for materials, while the labor is all volunteer based and free. But I did hear when insurance companies pay the homeowner, or FEMA writes them a check, it has to get turned over to the Organization. Is that accurate? Because there was a monthly broadcast within the last few months where a brother spoke about the projection of expenses for that year or the following year and how it was going to be so much higher than past years based on all the natural disasters. That tells me they must be paying out to help alot of people and not getting it back. Or is that just a lie to put pressure on everyone to send them even more money?

    One of the things that woke me up was revolving around money. For years, it always bothered me how they would announce a deficit at the circuit assemblies, most of the time, several thousand dollars. By the end of the assembly, or maybe it was at the next assembly, they'd announce how thankful they were for everyones contributions and they approved all the surplus get sent to headquarters, which left the circuit account almost empty again. They would continue to do this, always putting the attenders in a bind to come up with the money, rather than giving them some breathing room to not have to keep paying and taking from the surplus. I thought, how deceitful, you announce on the stage how you have this deficit to pay for that weekends gathering, but then take the liberty to send all the extra money that was designed for that purpose, and send it all away. I then realized anywhere there is man and money, there is sure to be corruption and they can't be trusted. Obviously, it took more than that to wake me up, but that never sat right with me for years, even when I was PIMI.
  • dozy

    I knew a few retired COs. The Society doesn't give a c&*p about them and they get kicked to the curb , but usually they have enough contacts in the Org to find something , or rely on social housing. Like most elderly JWs , they were encouraged not to take out any pension plans as "the end is near" , so normally they have very little savings , but their circumstances do vary.

    There are a few ex-COs and their wives in Jah Jireh homes in the UK ( there are interviews with Don Walker & Ray Pople on the website ). . Of course , this isn't a Society facility and their fees are paid by the UK government.

  • Finkelstein

    In comparison all the GB members live a rich healthy life, all the heath and dental care they need, cars to drive at their disposal paid for by the WTS. , air travel around world the for him and his wife, where they get treated as celebrities.

    Obviously its much better to live the life of a GB member than a lowly CO.

    The problem arises also that many JWS didn't save for retirement so they dont have much money to give to these retired COs

  • Finkelstein

    Even COs are victims of the lies and corruption of the WTS. , the men on top always make the most gain when they become GB members .

    Power and money can be developed and cultivated in the most unusual ways.

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