My Favouite Inappropriate Watchtower Pictures

by pale.emperor 35 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • jaydee

    This one is always good for a laugh, Brokeback Crucifixion

    I wonder if they couldn't have found a more appropriate image

    for the Rutherford book Creation....I mean ,what are those two doing back there...

    Image result for Max_klinger,_crocifissione_di_cristo,_1890,_01

  • pale.emperor

    Is that a tallywacker?!!!

    Why the need to draw the Lords penis i dont know.

    And why those two blokes in the back having sex?

  • sparky1

    Mary: " really are 'hung' !"

    Jesus: "Thanks for the compliment, but being up here on this cross sure is uncomfortable!"


  • wifibandit

    1927 - Creation page 265 Thanks jaydee!

  • ScenicViewer

    Small girl in a ditch, apparently dead, next to her doll, puppy, and a bicycle.

    More fear mongering aimed at small children. Little eyes pick up these small details.

    The large image from the book is cropped for this post.

    Paradise book (From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained), 1958, p159

  • blondie

    That picture scared me as child:

    1) how would God keep me from going into the crevasse

    2) why was God killing dogs; would my dog die

    3) why were bicycles being destroyed (I had just purchased my first new bike)

  • ctrwtf

    From the 1941 book "Children" depictions of nude torture...all thanks to "Judge" Rutherford

  • opusdei1972

    what about this?

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    If these pictures aren't "brazen", (to borrow one of their pet words), I don't know what is. The disgusting nature of these images just shows their arrogant attitude and the contempt with which they viewed others, starting in the time of Rutherford.

  • ToesUp

    Some of these photos I have never seen before. The one Jaydee posted is disturbing. I have never seen that one.

    I always wondered why I never wanted to read My Book of Bible Stories to my children. Now I know.

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