Subjection Does No-One Any Good.

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    So what you are saying is that the bible is crap…

    How should I know...I was discussing the “business” of religion and the deference to those designated by a corporation whose purpose of existence is highly suspect?

    I’d rather back an “equal opportunity” corporation than one that suppresses freedom of thought and expression in the effort to protect it’s own financial interests.


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    Good Point

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    hi folks

  • emyrose

    The bible can become crap if it is interpret in a way that creates hatred and abuse for people.
    Remember the bible tells us that the whole law hangs
    on loving others as we love ourselves.

  • waiting

    As has already been brought out: control would seem to be the answer - the solution to get there? subjection

    As in the Army - somebody has to be the boss. But the Army is an organization - just like the WTBTS.

    Is a family an organization? Or is it a family? Are they the same definition? I don't think so. A family is a private group made up of individuals living closely together and should be for the good of each other. Decisions have to be made but who demands who should make them?

    As the for Bible's view, women and other races and religions have throughout history been mistreated, kept in slavery or base subjection - even in Jewish history. If men follow the Bible, the women will be treated better than many countries/religions treat their women. But the women will never be equal in freedom of speech, thought, action of any male.

    The WTBTS has proven that they will reach back into Jewish history and put women only under the Mosaic Law to keep only women in subjection - and is proven by the WTBTS's implementation of the Mosaic Law for a woman's necessary response to rape. The man was never put under this law - why not?

    As for subjection within the KH, some males have to tow the line in front of elders - then bring their brand of "being in subjection to me" home with them. I've experienced this with my first husband, and the whole family is harmed by the gross misapplication of authority by a egotistical pinhead.

    I think "Live and Let Live" is applicable. We all have abilities, wouldn't it make sense to use them all?


  • LDH

    This being the single biggest reason my sister refuses to get married.....She can't/won't reconcile her independence with the 'need' to be in 'subjection' to the 'head of the house.'

  • Englishman

    Friday made the point in another post that females maybe shouldn't be FDS, how can sumbissive creatures rule as kings?


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