Saddam will be given 48 hours to get out

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  • berten

    From Mr - Usurper - Bush's speech:

    >"Good night, and may God continue to bless America"

    What? And the rest o/t world may go to hell?

    >War criminals will be punished. And it will be no defense to say,
    >"I was just following orders."

    If an American soldier "Just follows orders" then
    that is quite OK with the pro-war crowd,
    but God forbid if "The enemy" uses this excuse...

  • unclebruce

    Dear Berten,

    I enjoy your posts on this but the big war is going ahead illegally just like we knew it would.

    Don't think of America using brainwashed grunts armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction to murder tens of thousands of innocents in cold blood .. no sir e bob .. think of the oil men using humanity's finest peacekeepers to collaterally damage the be-jeezus out of a little unchristian nation that can't fight back. (or you can turn the telly off for a month or three ..)

    Geez, i thought George W was thick - Tony Blair's been layering it on lately! .. perhaps those two have a private bet to see whose voters are the most gulible? ("the oil will always belong to the Iraqi people" ... good one Tony lol)


    ps: it'll all be over by christmas.

  • Grunt

    What will happen is people that have doing without basics will get them. Money that has being spent on suicide bomber's families will go to Iraqi families. Oil money that has been being spent on weapons will be spent on infrastructure, education and medical care. A dictator will be ousted, a group of people will recieve their chance to have and maintain a democracy. Whether they can do that will be up to them. As in Afghanistan the US taxpayer will foot the bill to help these people. As in Afghanistan the average person will get more personal freedom, will not have to fear being flogged on the streetsb or just disappearing, will get to decide the details of their life. As in Afghanistan it will be paid for with primarily US and British blood. Our grunts will go in and along with them will come freedom. What they do with this chance is what worries me. Having been victims, I hope they don't victimize others, there is so much hatred over there that they may unleash on each other. I hope the rest of the "human shields" come to their senses and get out now. I hope he doesn't try to destroy the environment like the last time. I hope he doesn't use schools and hospitals to mount his anti-aircraft like last time. At least it will be over quickly. I just hope Bush hasn't caused casulties among the troops by waiting so long. He spent too long arguing with people about something he had to do anyway. Grunt

  • Skeptic
    ps: it'll all be over by christmas.

    I would not be surprised if it is over in a few weeks, once the war actually starts. The U.S. military is very efficient, as it should be. At most, it will take a few months. You are right, it will be over by Christmas definitely.


  • Trauma_Hound
  • WildHorses

    Do any of you think Bushs going ahead with this war without UN backing will have any effect on how other countries treat us in the future? A lot of the things we use in this country are imported. Do you think other countries will stop exporting to us because of this war? I'm not trying to start anything by asking this. I just curious as to what you all think.

  • animal

    The best thing to happen to us would be these countries against us to boycott us.... quit sending us thier cheap goods. We in turn could quit supporting thier countries, and boost our own economy by making the stuff here. I would support that 100%.


  • WildHorses

    Animal, I agree about most of what is imported. Our economy would be much better if we made our own instead of importing.

    But what about coffee, and cacao? Without cacao to make chocolate, you would have to deal with some bad attitudes once a month. PMS you know. Oh, I almost forgot. What would I do without my tea? I live for ice tea.

  • LB
    The best thing to happen to us would be these countries against us to boycott us

    I love that idea. Boycott us, teach us a lesson.

    We'll get our tea from England, they love us there.

  • animal

    We could probly make good fake choco here in the USA... hell, we make fake tea and its as good as the stuff we import.


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