Your prediction for when the bombs drop

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  • jelly

    When this is over and we (Americans) have not killed hundreds of thousands, or jacked the oil from Iraq are you going to be man enough to apologize? No, of course not, just like a good jw socialist you will never admit your wrong.

  • Simon

    We have to remember we are dealing with a "teenage" nation whose population has been brought up on a diet of hollywood films. To put things in simple terms:

    The USA are the "good guys" who never do any wrong. Anyone they kill deserved to die, whoever they were. Saddam is a "bad man" and they will take him out (never mind that they put him in, let's not dwell on that). Anyone who disagrees is "dumb and week" and is only really there to be rescued by the Amercuns. All the enemies will speak with a snarl and commit war-crimes which, of course, we know from history the Meercans never do.

  • Simon

    I'll apologise if I'm wrong ... will you? You haven't apologised for the hundreds of thousands of innoceents that have already been killed so why will a few more matter eh?

    I wonder too if things don't turn out quite so 'peachy' .. will you still have been one who was so keen on the war? If the USA looses lots of troops will you still feel so patriotic thinking it was a good idea sending them?

    Remember to ask yourself, when the USA get's hit again by terrorists, why you think they are doing it ...

    Good analysis of the current situation:

    The USA and UK are committing an illegal war without evidence or international support..

  • jelly

    If Iraq is not a better place when we get through I will apologize.

    If there are massive American KIA's I will feel bad but I think this is a necessary war; so no I will not regret my support for war. Not sending them would lead to more massive deaths later. I know you don't agree with this but I do. By the way Simon, I know you Euros think all Americans love blowing crap up, but among the war-supporters I don't know of anyone that is Keen for this war. We think it is necessary and will lead to less deaths later.

    100K+ deaths we have already created.

    Please save the crap. we are not the county that

    1. Starved the Irish
    2. Forced Opium on the Chinese
    3. Prevented India from selling cloth
    4. cross bred with the french
    What you are doing is holding America up to the 'Jesus' Standard. America's history is no worse than any other government that was a world power. And quite a bit better than most. What you are probably refering to are the sanctions against Iraq. If Saddam has the money to build gold palaces but allows his people to starve who's fault is it?
    I think your channeling the ghost of JanH.
  • czarofmischief

    They're going to hit us anyway - we might as well try reducing their capabilities, eh?

    At least you've finally come out and said your real reasons for opposing American action: you don't like us. Fair enough.

    Ok, Simon, poof, Czar works his magic, and you will get your fondest wish, and America will go away. We'll pull back to our little island, and put up our trade barriers, and fall back into the isolationist slumber that prevented us from helping you out until Pearl Harbor. We'll put our considerable technological brains to work and develop nuclear power or something, thereby depriving certain desert nations of their sole commodity's biggest market, and just ignore all the rumblings from Asia as China and North Korea develop weapons of mass destruction. We'll have a missile defense system, so we won't worry too much about the one or two missiles that certain rogue states might develop, and by closing down our borders, we'll eliminate the chances that those pesky Arabs will slip one in our back door.

    Meanwhile, those Arab nations fall into poverty with nobody to buy their oil. So naturally they fall into chaos and unrest. Who will keep order? Ethnic rivalries flare up. Remember Rwanda, when the outside world did nothing? Does Europe want to stand by and do nothing while jihads against Israel become all-out wars? A nuclear conflagration would become inevitable without somebody being the referee. Does Britain want the job again? (You guys did such a good job last time)

    So, while American industry suddenly revs up to deal with the hundreds of billions of dollars of commodities market that has been dumped into its lap, while in fact the American lifestyle and dream once again outstrips the average Earthling's at a record pace, the rest of the world goes to hell. War, famine, disease, the grim spectre of AIDS... America's dream is to close itself off and dream itself away towards a better weekend!

    Face it Simon. We're the biggest guys on the block. If we don't keep the peace, who will? We don't expect to be popular - nobody likes the cop. You need us. Don't think so? I really wish you could try living in a world without us. (Although pre 1941 was a good try).

    I'm not saying we're perfect, above reproach, or not in need of improvement. If you have a suggestion about our economy, I'd be glad to hear it - but when it comes to tossing moral judgements about I think we've done the right thing more often than not.

    And finally... the Arabs picked this fight. They danced in the streets when we died. All right, then. We saw how it was. We didn't hit the button, but we remembered, and we vowed that people would suffer and weep for our loss.

    So if you don't like us, fine, Simon. But for your own good, stay out of our way. We're going to kill some people.


  • Simon

    You are not keeping the peace ... you are making the war.

    As for the American dream? It is unsustainable and just standing on the backs of others. That is one of the reasons the rest of the world doesn't think you are as wonderful as you think they should.

    The fact is that the US economy is a house of cards and you need that oil ... much more than the Arabs need to sell it to you.

  • Simon
    So if you don't like us, fine, Simon. But for your own good, stay out of our way. We're going to kill some people.

    I do not dislike America or Americans but find this "we can kill who we want" attitude deeply unpleasant and offensive and do not agree with what your administration is doing.

    What I and many, many others, believe is that what you are doing is not going to help America at all and will make things much worse. You are swallowing every lie that the government feeds you when they have a totally different agenda. What they are doing will guarantee that Americans become targets around the world.

    Nice job Mr President.

  • TorturedSoul

    And when Iraq uses the chem weapons, we will all know S.H. lied.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell


    May I ask what is the difference than from what the US is doing justifying war and killing innocent lives as to the Al Queda justification as to fly two planes into the towers and killing innocent lives?

    I watched PBS last night and they had a good show on frontline about the fight with Iraq. They showed how the US foreign policies are being push by the "Hawks" as they referred to them. They have had an agenda for sometime now on world domination. The US administration was not taking them seriously until Sept 11. Makes you one wonder that these "Hawks" must have been rejoicing after Sept. 11 that they would get their agenda after all. Go to

    WWW.PBS.ORG and read all about it


  • Simon
    May I ask what is the difference than from what the US is doing justifying war and killing innocent lives as to the Al Queda justification as to fly two planes into the towers and killing innocent lives?

    Exactly ... there is no difference.

    Terrorism, ie. making terror, is terrorism whether it's done by 25 people of 250,000 people.

    It is easier to argue that the Saudi government was behind Sept 11 than Iraq.

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