Has anyone on here used this forum to announce they were out and revealed their real name?

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  • HiddenPimo

    Just wondering if anyone has ever posted their personal information and have proof that the Borg is watching and sent the Gestapo to get them?

    I will be announcing my Resignation and DA myself - and I am objectively looking at either doing it Bud Dwyer (Not really like him but by extension) style at a meeting or an email blast or just giving a letter to the BOE?

    Any advice is appreciated. I want to have the best possible outcome for perhaps waking people up.



  • Giordano

    Associating yourself with an ex JW forum is pretty much the same as saying your an apostate so your leaving would have no effect on any JW that knows you. You would just generate a 'good riddance' reaction. In my opinion.

    Now if you linked your DA letter to the ARC and what they uncovered about the JW pedophile issue and the fact that the Society itself demanded that it was to be covered up and still partially continues with this cover up thereby causing on going suffering to the victims........... you would be establishing a principled reason to leave the JW world until it cleans up it's mess......... especially if they think Jehovah blesses an organization that causes this level of harm.

    After all didn't Jesus say to his followers "Do not hinder the children from coming to me". He didn't say....... make sure you have two witnesses to the child's suffering!

    God is one witnesses and the victim is the other....... that's your freaking two witness rule in reality.

  • Vidiot

    One or two have come out here.

  • burnedout

    The Bud Dwyer story is so sad. If you don't know about what Bud Dwyer did, you should read about it, don't watch the video... I believe he was framed by his fellow politicians and took the only course he saw to escape and provide for his family.

    It would be interesting to out yourself online and see what happens. Would the Elders come out and say how they came to know your position? Hmmm...

  • stillin

    I can appreciate your sentiment. To thine own self be true. in my own case, I actually like some of the Witnesses and we trade favors and they are a part of my network of friends. I, personally, see no need to belittle them or undermine their faith.

    I have made a statement by being inactive. I have made a statement by enjoying my life. It seems like I would be empowering the BoE if I wrote a letter. If they want to hound me, so be it.

  • Finkelstein

    Probably the best way might be to just write a letter stating your disassociation from a over all lack of belief in the organization and therefore you dont wish to impede or stumble others in the Congregation.

    Be respectful but firm and that you've given a lot of thought and contemplation in reaching your decision..

    Don't get trapped into stating specific reasons in detail because they might label you an apostate, stirring up more shit then there needs to be.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Just leave.

    Go away,

    Get on with your life.

    Why write a Letter of Disassociation? Wherever did you hear of such a thing? Oh, yeah, it's a JW thing. Quit playing by the game by their f***ing rules.

    Either way, you'll probably be a bit disappointed that the effect will be like that of taking your hand out of a bucket of water. Things will carry on the same. You'll get your 10 minutes of apostate "fame" but they will all go on without you. You should do the same.

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    Real name not revealed yet, but I intend to at a time in the future when my wife's piece of shit father finally leaves her in peace by doing the only decent thing he would have done in his life, and dies.

    It all comes done to personal satisfaction. Forget the naysayers who say that by announcing your desire to part ways with the cult, you are only pandering to their wishes. If it suits you and gives you piece of mind, a measure of closure, or just that downright good feeling that you have, to virtually have said to the cult to stick their way of life up their arses, then so be it.

    I would relish the opportunity to be able to announce from the platform exactly how I felt about the entrapment and deceit and wickedness of the cult. You have the chance, take it, and bask in your momentary apostate fame.

    There are words of being respectful, and not to belittle or undermine the witnesses faith. What total bullshit! Forget about trying to have the best possible outcome for waking people up. The wts and it's jehovahs witness zombies, neither engender, nor deserve any respect. Little, if anything, you do will wake any up - to what? the fact that you are now considered a mentally diseased apostate.

    Have your brief time of glory, then get on with your life, minus any interaction with the cult hierarchy or it's members.

    Cheeses. Coming up to his special time of year.

  • careful


    A few thoughts for you to think about:

    Isn't writing a letter of disassociation playing by their rules and doing what they would prefer you to do? Doesn't it save them the trouble of having to DF you? Isn't it playing into just what they want you to do?

    While you may be upset now at finding out about their corruption, lies, etc., what might be the possible benefits of allowing a cooling down period of six months to a year? Will you feel differently then from what you feel now? Will your thinking be clearer and less emotional then?

    Some people here have expressed regret at having written such a DA letter, sometimes because it hindered their trying to help others see TTATT. That act closed doors that might have remained open had they acted with more insight into the future.

    Just some ideas to think about...

  • silentbuddha

    I tried to fade

    However, elders kept coming around and bothering me. My daughter who was 8 at the time asked my why I just wont tell them the truth instead of hiding...

    After months of people asking, and stopping by I decided the only way to make it stop and live a genuine life was to be forward and DA.

    I put a letter in the mail, and posted it to facebook. I am out, my kids, my wife, and in total about 8 people within 3 years left and have personally told me that what I did got them thinking.

    I was prepared to lose the toxic relationships and be labelled, but I dont have to hide, or move, or as my daughter said act as if I was lying.

    Watchtower is a corporation, when I resigned from places in the past I wrote resignation letters. This was no different TO ME. I was prepared to deal with any blowback.

    There hasn't been much and what there was is over and I am living my best Authentic life.

    Think it through and make the decision that you think is best

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