The most sick statement put in JW print

by Chook 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • flipper

    If I'm not mistaken- I wonder if that article posted in the opening thread was titled, "Breaking Free from Self Abuse " ? It was a really stupid 6 page article that my strict elder dad told me to read because he suspected I was popping my personal cork regularly by that time in 1973 as a young teenager . If it's the same article I'm thinking of it was chock full of idiotic statements calling masturbation " unclean " and generally making JW young people feel " dirty " if they sexually gratified themselves. It just made me masturbate even more ! I think it even stated that in the 1800's people used to think you went " blind " from masturbating. Really ridiculous stuff. Once again- the use of FEAR by the WT Society to keep people from engaging in normal human activities. These WT leaders are seriously twisted dicks

  • Funchback


    Should you fall into unclean habits, report said habits to your ever loving elders in elaborate detail so they can get off.

    That does happen though lol

  • Chook

    Is there any other statement of this calibre , these are the one which will help the stray sheep find the real Shepard.

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