From Bob Hope Theater to JW Assembly Hall

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    Hey Hecce!

    Thanks, nothing new under this sun here.

    I think the previous article doesn't mention the 30 million $$$$$ involved.

    Yeah, and considering how wikipedia can be freely edited, I linked to the previous thread here from nine years ago to show that the $30 million figure was being used and quoted back then, much nearer to when the events described took place.

    Here's the updated link to the article that the previous thread from nine years ago linked to:

  • Hecce

    Norco was already there when Woodland Hills was sold, it was expanded and remodeled. Santa Clarita was supposed to be the replacement for WH but they ended building at Mira Loma, about 15 miles from Norco.

    The brothers lost a lot with the sale of Leimert Park and Woodland Hills and there was a lot of chicanery in the process.

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    The two Assembly Halls at Liemert Park and Woodland Hills pre dated the WT takeover of these properties, both were negotiated, refurbished and administrated by local brothers. The WT provided financing that was repaid at the usual WT rate for that time. Both places were a money making operation, specially during the Cafeteria times and they supported a full time caretaker. When the time came for a sale the WT scooped the proceeds faster than a speeding bullet and it was presented to the friends the need for $$$$$ for any new project.

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    DNC, thanks for sharing that about Drew. I did not know that. He's wonderful artist.

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