The Football Game Illustration.

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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    One of my PIMI friends sent me the following message (nudge, nudge) -

    "We had Brother Jackson - one of the Governing Body at our convention.

    He had this neat illustration at the very end of the convention. He said what if you were watching a football game on TV and it was the Trojans against the Fighting Irish . . . and it's been a good game . . . and it's coming down to the last seconds and the Trojans get the ball ( then he stands like a football

    player) and then he starts running ( and he picks up his foot like he's gonna take off) and you're glued to the TV - just waiting to see what will happen . . .and he makes it to the 30 then the 20 then the 10 yard line and he's at the one inch line and he stops. The guy with the ball stops and starts looking around for the game clock. And he yells how much time do I have left???

    And you're staring at the TV in disbelief!!! !

    What do you do?

    You yell at the TV - IDIOT!!! RUN!!! RUN YOU IDIOT!!!

    (and Bro Jackson is yelling this at us from the stage.)

    It was so hysterical - then he stops and says that's where you are. This system is dying. We are at the GREATEST EVENT in mankind's history and the universe is watching.

    We're at the one inch line and some of us are stopping and looking around and wondering where we are in the stream of time.

    IDIOT!!! RUN!!!

    Do not look at the time. Just run . . . run . . . we're almost there."

    Except, this same game has been played since the 1870s. So no, it didn't move me as my good friend probably hoped it would. And it just sounds farcical that everyone else thought it was a wonderful way of getting the point across.

  • sir82

    I think I've seen a video of him giving this illustration - probably on the JW broadcast. So if repeated at a recent convention, it's a sign he's running out of ideas and is recycling his past "hits".

    A more apt illustration - the football game is being played in dense fog. It is impossible to see the clock or the goal line. The coach has been screaming at the players that "we're in the 4th quarter - move, you lazy a$$hats" for the past 120 years.

  • redpilltwice

    It rather seems to be the one inch line for the WT. Lol

    Everyone listening to Jackson is the real idiot!

    He was lying under oath before the ARC in 2015. Boy did I run...... from the tower!!!

    So, in fact I need to thank you for showing me the path back to freedom mr. Jackson! I hope you will help many more to wake up, just keep on telling your "spirit-directed" BS!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Except this game has been in OVERTIME for decades.

    As soon as the ref/umpire is about to "call a winner", he changes his mind and declares another Overtime period.

  • RubaDub

    As soon as the ref/umpire is about to "call a winner", he changes his mind and declares another Overtime period.

    Sounds like soccer (football)

    Every time you think the game is over the referee somehow pulls some extra minutes out of his ass. Since there is no clock anyone can see, who can argue with him.

    Rub a Dub

  • dubstepped

    I immediately thought of that Peanuts cartoon where Lucy brings the ball up when Charlie Brown tries to kick it, sending him on his backside.

    It's like the running back gets near the goal line and then looks up and realizes he's on a never ending treadmill that he can't get off of and that no matter how hard he stretches he'll never break the plane and see that ref with his arms up high. There's only one way off, to stop, and it's gonna hurt as he gets throttled backward.

  • OrphanCrow

    But, but...

    I thought JWs weren't supposed to watch football?

    Wasn't there an Awake mag that was published a few years back that lambasted competitive sports? The same Awake that had the article about the boy that died refusing blood...can't remember which one now - it had basketball players on the front

  • Simon

    A better illustration of the WTS would be following someone who said they knew a way through the desert.

    They keep telling you that you're nearly there, nearly there. Just hold on a little more. You have been walking through the desert all your life.

    Every time you go over a hill, you see the desert stretching out in front of you as far as the eye can see.

    Every few weeks the guy decides to change direction and now it's the other way, it's "new light". There are some people who previous thought that was the way to go and they were kicked out of the group for it, now apparently it's the only one true way and the people who want to keep going in the previous one true way are banished as haters.

    Also, you're told to ignore the people in the dune buggies who are yelling at you and offering you water and a ride.

    "we know the way brothers, trust us ..."

    You recognize some of them as people who left the group years ago. They look well and happy.

    You wish you had as much water as they do, you have to give yours to the leader. He takes baths every afternoon.

  • EverApostate

    JW kids are dragged into FS and meetings during the weekend and flatly deprived of the Joyful games they would be playing otherwise

    And these thugs illustrate their corporate goals with a Football game.

  • BluesBrother

    I have seen videos of him giving this one time and again in various places. One from his repertoire.

    It must have crossed even his mind that the referee never blows the full time whistle. Still, you keep trying to motivate the audience...just keep it going without too much thought, just as I did as an elder...

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