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  • Simon

    Just an experiment to see if it's useful or not ...

    The likes and dislikes for posts are now rolled up to the topic so you can see whether a topic is mostly positive or negative (or maybe a battleground?)

    With some 'decay' to the votes built in this might evolve into "most vibrant topics" based on more than just the number or recency of replies (ideally all will factor in).

    PS: don't worry if some topic totals are wrong right now - I need to run a job to put some of them right.

  • TimeBandit

    That's right handy. Thanks!

  • Hadriel


  • Simon

    +1? PLUS ONE??

    May the gods of github rain down a pox on you ... LOL

    (what usually happens there with "+1" comments)


    Hey Simon!..

    The topic may be absolute BS..

    Lets say I make a post and get 3 likes..

    That gets added to the likes..

    Does that make it a good thread?..


    I get what your aiming for..But..

    I don`t think "Likes/Dislikes" from various posts..

    Reflect what people think about the actual OP on the thread..


    Maybe show the "Likes/Dislikes" for the OP..

    Just a thought Bud..

    All in All,I like the Idea......You get a "Like" from me..LOL!!..

  • Simon

    There's no perfect solution but most research points to measuring a number of factors to rank things. This could be things such as:

    Size of OP (i.e. is it a 1,000 word essay or a 1 line joke or a YouTube link?)

    Number of replies

    Count of votes

    When the posts / votes were made (because what is "top" one week shouldn't stay top forever more - that's the 'decay' part)

    and so on ...

    It's not to determine or make any judgement on what the "best" topics are, but to try and highlight what may be the most interesting.

    More involved solutions would have the system learn what you vote up and down and use that to correlate with what other people's likes are (i.e. how Netflix recommendations work).


    It's not to determine or make any judgement on what the "best" topics are, but to try and highlight what may be the most interesting......Simon

    That`s a Thoughtful Approach..

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  • freddo

    Very good! Thank you.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    In my " observant" opinion post votes are often a non-entity on some exceedingly great threads.

    Anyway my questions are:-

    A) who are the " opinion votes" designed for?

    B) what % of the board can't use opinion votes? ( lurkers may make up the majority of the board)

    C) can " opinion votes" be negative on the young or new posters who start an O.P but luck knowledge on their sincere, well intended but none-the-less "ignorant" questions?

    D) What % of posters contribute to the board based on ego and the satisfaction of positive feedback?

    E) When I was a witness the congregation survived by everyone " voting" yes to a mandate. So maybe a poster can feel afraid challenging positive votes, even if he/ she feels a negative vote more warranted?

    F) This is an ex J.W site, and possibly biased so many witnesses visiting here doubting may find the negative feedback they receive away of saying this site is demonic?

    I could go on all day with this, but my personal opinion is a great O.P and a great comment doesn't need to be judged as positive or negative, it stands and survives on its own merit. Does that opinion deserve a red thumb?

  • Landy

    Following up on Rebel's points, the more negative feedback a thread has can be a good indication that there's actually something worth reading/discussing.

    There's no abuse or name calling here on so there's very little reason for anyone to click dislike imo. It's just a lazy way of discussion, but it can indicate controversial ideas/posts which are generally more entertaining than the asinine stuff that everyone likes.

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