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  • WildTurkey

    Lol animal you were holding out on us with you one last post, or did you do simon a favor????

  • SixofNine


  • Shutterbug

    WT, that was beautiful, now Simon needs to give Animas 3 or four more posts so he can defend himself.


  • email

    LMAO @ WT... you're funny man... lol... nice try...

  • LyinEyes

    See what happens when I let WildTurkey stay at home all by himself?????

    Hehehe, I was gone Animal sorry he picked on you so much,,,,,,,,,,if I would have been here I probably would have...........laughed ,,,,,,,,hehehe sorry.

    I heard Scootergirl wouldnt even help you save your honor???

    Well , I am looking to get back at WildTurkey myself,,,,,,,,you know for the dog toy story he told in Dallas????????? WildTurkey - - - - - - >

    He did tell me something he did that I laughed my ass off last nite at the club,,,,,,,,,I had a few drinks and was way beyond by giggle mode,,,,,,I was almost about to pass out from laughing at him and other freaks that were there.

    When Wild chews gums he wacks on it,,,,,,,he has his mouth kind of open thinking he looks like Burt Reynolds I guess. I am always on to him for it, and sometimes I actually take the gum out of his mouth.......hehhe.

    Well he said he was leaning over the balcony looking around and he he was munching on that gum, then he turned his head real fast to look at something, and the gum flew out of his mouth and over the balconey.........He watched to see where it went and it feel between two cowboys who were dancing and just missed their drinks......They never knew it thank god and he walked slowly away from the balconey.

    I just think it is so funny for Mr. Cool to loss his body control and let that gum fall out of his mouth..... I would have loved to have been there to actually see it........SO moral of the story,,,,,,,,,, watch out when Wild chews gum!!!!!!!

  • scootergirl
    I heard Scootergirl wouldnt even help you save your honor???

    What the heck?! Ohhhhhhhh.............I wouldn't, eh Animal? LOL.........

    ~Scootergirl waiting for Animal to really be out of posts and have some fun!

  • Solace


    Well, I can assure everyone that Animal likes women VERY much.

    As you can clearly see, he was pulling me daringly close in this photo and his hand is just short of touching my, uhhhhh, well, I think you get the picture.

    As a matter of fact, after this was taken, he was ALL over every woman within 10 feet of him!

    Now we know why they call him Animal!!!

  • xenawarrior

    I'll borrow something from email-

    you people.............................all funny !!!


    Got yer message animal- I was really trying to help you- I was- honest



  • SheilaM


  • scootergirl

    xw wrote:

    Got yer message animal- I was really trying to help you- I was- honest

    Yeah......me too.....snicker!

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