Convention program 2017 AM3

by George One Time 52 Replies latest jw experiences

  • punkofnice
    Humbling Experiences

    More fictional lies from the spin doctors of evil - or - highly exaggerated local lies?

    Tight pants TOMO appearing on the front ought to ring alarm bells with many (but won't), to say 'GB worship; we're in a cult!'

  • FadeToBlack

    uggh. I would suspect that it would be Morris by default if they wanted to do this for some reason simply by process of elimination - not that he is the JW pope. Let us go down the list of GB candidates.

    1. Lett - no way in hell.

    2. Gerrit Lösch - nope. bad hair and he is not American.

    3. Mark Sanderson - no. he is the newboy. too much overlapping baggage.

    4. Samuel F. Herd - no way token black guy is on the cover.

    5. Geoffrey William Jackson - no. might lead back to Australian RC if googled.

    6. David H. Splane - same category as Lett. not going to happen.

    that leaves: AMIII

  • ttdtt

    Its going to be Historic - and The Most Important Event EVERY - and A never to be repeated event - and The BEST Convention evveeerrr!!!

    Did I forget "LIFE CHANGING!" ?

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