Convention program 2017 AM3

by George One Time 52 Replies latest jw experiences

  • jookbeard

    is this one of the most dangerous loons to ever front the GB in their history post JR and CTR? on a par with Mad Freddie/Knorr/ and Jaracz!

  • stuckinarut2

    A drama about Lot's wife hey?

    Will they cover the fact that she had to watch as her husband offered her two daughters to be gang raped?

    Or was she aware that Lot was going to commit incest and father children with his own daughters?

    Its no wonder she favoured the idea of death as a salt shaker instead of being around such a sick man!

  • stuckinarut2
    Try watching darkmatter2525 on youtube. Search: Lot
  • ambersun

    stuckinarut2 I watched that video on Lot and I agree it is brilliant!

  • tiki

    Boy...back in the day personal glorification was a total no no...everything had to be done with they love to flash their pompous arses all over their private club media.....what a bunch of self centered self serving greedy ba$$tards.....under the guise of religion to suck in poor lost souls looking for comfort.

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    Since the gb troll these type of boards...maybe he is going to apologize for the tight pants rant since he knows how many of us woke up when he acting like an arse that fall day...haha just kidding,,,

  • flipper

    If there was any doubt about who the head of the GB is now- that doubt is removed. Anthony Morris III has always acted like a legend in his own mind anyway- so this comes as no surprise- he's the new Ted Jaracz. Like Tiki said though the " personal glorification " stuff is really disturbing, yet ever since the WT website channel has been on- all these GB members have been getting their mugs shown out there pontificating pearls of idiocy.

    As for the title of the convention itself ? Don't Give Up ? How desperate does THAT sound ? Translation : Lots of JW's are throwing in the towel becoming inactive apparently and just quitting going to meetings. Otherwise the convention title wouldn't be so desperate

  • ToesUp

    Anthony Morris had a feature article in one of the mags about his life. He spoke about his sons, he said that "his boys made him and his wife look good." This says a lot about the man. This is why so many in the org want their kids to be pioneers, bethelites and need greaters. The kids make the parents "look good." This is what it is all about in JW land...."looking good." Whitewashed graves full of dead mens bones!

  • flipper

    TOES UP- Exactly, my point entirely, I agree. I've got some JW males in my extended family who think they are legends in their own minds as well. Their ego is so far up their ass - they are constipated spiritually- truly

  • steve2

    "He spoke about his sons, he said that "his boys made him and his wife look good." This says a lot about the man."

    What a heavily manipulative message to send to your sons. If you ever leave, we as parents will look bad - do you want that on your conscience?

    The messages religious parents send their children to keep them in line - which is fine if your children are "on board" - but, as we know, that is far from always the case.

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