Taking time to smell the roses...

by Esmeralda 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Tallyman


    We'll be praying for your Miraculous Recovery.

    That "elder" Joker needs his Ass "Drop-Kicked-To-Cleveland!"

    Remember... no matter your present state of health,
    at least you are free of the Kult Kontagion.

    StiLL looking for that M a g i c P i l l .


  • Kristen

    When you take the time to smell the roses, you will notice so many beautiful things. And even though roses have thorns, the beauty of the rose itself overshadows its sometimes pricklyness.

    He also made me realize that I've been spending entirely too much time worrying about the past, and things that I cannot change.

    Which is a large truth in all of our lives... but the one thing I do sometimes get out of reflection is wisdom for the days coming. We learn so much from our own past lives, but alas sometimes we got to watch out that it doesn't swallow us up entirely.

    I'm so sad that you are striken with MS. But am so inspired that despite it, you have so much life in you, and have added so much to ours.



  • myMichelle

    The cold-hearted, arrogant, wouldn't-know-an-honest-emotion-if-it-bit-him-on-the-backside jerk. Well, at least you took his pitiful excuse for emotional abuse and used it for something productive. Makes me all the more thankful I was never involved in this organization and all the more resolved to insure that my children will never be.

    Rest up, gain strength, and I hope to "see" you soon.
    Lotsa hugs,

    The most deadly of all sins is the mutilation of a child's spirit. -Erik H. Erikson

  • JT

    Esmeralda :

    I Read your post and my heart goes out to you for having to hear someone say those things to you- i'm sure it hurts as much as what happened to me where many of my fomer bethel buddies left messages on our answering machine telling us were going to --die at armageddon --

    if we dont' get back to the Sales meeting at the Hall-

    at first i was one Pissd off black man- not a good thing to be around at that time-- could be that "Black Rage Thang"

    anyway after awhile i could no longer get upset with any JW who would say what the elder said to you or any of my former jw friends

    for my wife and i realized that THE JOKE IS ON THEM and how sad

    my wife has an aunt who is suffering from a sickness much like you- pain all over her body and joints

    yet despite the weather she has to try and go out and sell worthless book in the snow and cold- just watching her trying to climb steps is so sad- yet she firmly beleives that she will get paid on FRIDAY

    all the while you and i know that she will never see a check as it were from from WT.

    so while others may Dogged the elder it remains me much of Myself and the apostale Paul along with so many others up here

    who at one time would Spit in the face of anyone who dared to question the org-

    and i find that many of us who were DYED IN THE WOOL jw often feel the most hurt for the cold and unfeeling way we treated those who dare cross the org..

    what makes it so funny is the day that this guy leaves wt and realizes he has been Bamboozled and Hoodwinked- he will be like many of us apoligizing to everone that he dogged.

    so while i fully understand the pain of being dogged keep in mind that he like the guys in jesus day are much the same

    "father forgive them for they no not what they are doing"

    and how true those words are for persons who have had the mind and soul captured by a Cult

    hope you feel better soon


    "I'd rather have questions I can't answer than questions I can't ask (or answers I can't question)."

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