Taking time to smell the roses...

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  • Esmeralda

    Hello all,

    I got a great gift today from someone at H2O. It was a post
    in response to my "Emotional Bankruptcy" thread that I
    posted here, and there as well.

    It's a gift because it was just the kick in the ass that I needed.
    The perfect reminder of why I am not only happy, but relieved
    that I got out of the Borg: with or without my family. I am posting
    it here so that it might serve as a reminder to you all too:

    This was posted by "Elder25"

    Did you not know what it meant to leave Jehovah's Organization before you chose the course
    you did? Did you not know the consequences? Out of love for your interests didn't His people
    warn you and lovingly try to protect you from such tragedy? Your current state of "Emotional
    Bankruptcy" is an unfortunate result of your disregarding the "wisdom from above". You
    ignored the loving intentions from Jehovah's Organization. If you had listened to that
    wisdom, you would have avoided all the trouble you face, and all the heartaches that
    continue to come along with it.

    Jehovah is a forgiving God, and wants you back. But until you accept full responsibility for
    your mistakes and make things straight with Jehovah, the agonizing effect of broken hearts
    will still show it's ugly face in your life. You have the key to turn that around, not your family
    or anyone else.

    Many have turned around and have been reinstated. Many of them have said that if it
    weren't for their relatives remaining steadfast in their applying wisdom from above
    regarding the treatment of disfellowshipped ones, they might not have had the complete
    motivation to return to Jehovah. It is love for you that motivates your family members to
    courageously take that stand.

    I replied to him, but what I said doesn't matter. What matters
    is that I realized that I have so much more to be happy about
    than to regret losing.

    He also made me realize that I've been spending entirely too
    much time worrying about the past, and things that I cannot

    I spent today laying in bed and on the couch, unable to get up
    without Jack's help, and unable to focus my eyes most of the
    day. Right now the font here is so huge I think the people next
    door can read it.

    So it's time for me to take a step back and regain my perspective.
    Taking some time from here will allow me to rest, then
    hopefully answer all the mail that I have backlogged: and
    then maybe, just maybe start writing something that I can
    attempt to get published. (I can't thank you enough,
    Franciose *kiss on the cheek* Your encouragement was
    perfectly timed) Thanks to everyone else who has been
    encouraging me to write as well. It's been my dream since
    childhood, I think that it's time I started trying to invest
    some genuine effort into it.

    I have a big obstacle to overcome, right now I'm trying
    to keep from crashing head first into a full blown MS
    episode so for now, its off to bed with me. When I
    get my strength back...I have to start laying plans for
    the future...because its time.

    It's spring, and I want to spend some time smelling the roses,
    too. To remind myself of the good things, what is possible.

    I won't vanish completely on you all, I will check back in when I
    can. And you all have my e mail.

    I'm just so tired and weak right now, I have to
    get the wind back in my sails. I'm making no sense,
    can't see much. Even the font this big is becoming a big blur. That means
    it's time for bed, and a rest. Be well while I'm away and know you're
    all with me in my heart!


    "They are defeated...I will never be." ~Ro Laren

  • Stephanus

    I don't know who this elder25 is (he sounds like a compilation of every trite piece of self-congratulatory crap the WT puts out), or what he thinks he's achieving. I think he's likely to have the same effect on every exDub that he had on you, Esmeralda, galvanising their resistance rather than bringing everyone flooding back begging for the favour of the gods of Brooklyn!

    I'm sorry to hear you're suffering so badly today, and also sorry that such a dickhead would email you such a load of false comfort. I hope your suffering eases soon, Esmeralda!

  • tergiversator

    Hey Es,

    I too composed a reply to elder25 on H2O also, but yours is better. Much more incisive, I'd say.

    Anyhow, good luck on the writing... when you become a rich and famous author of international stature, we'll tell everyone that we knew you first, back in the day.


  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Hello Esmaralda;

    I won't burden you with a long reply in your state of health....just want to say I'm glad his response had such a positive effect on you (not the kind he was shooting for). I will go back to H2O to find your response to him. I know it will be something for him to ponder over for a while if he has any wisdom at all.

    His "helping response" was just the kind of ministry school talk I would have given moons ago, just 'cuz we were trained to.

    Rest up and get well. We all enjoy what you share with us.

    Had Enough

  • mommy


    your heart

    have peace
  • Tina

    Dear (((((((((es))))))))))))
    Wishing you peace and love lil sis,Tina

  • nojw86

    Hi ES. please care , I feel every bit of your pain, I know mine takes awaymy abiilty to do so many things also. BUt your encourgement has meant the world to me. It is such a shameful org. and how it teaches it its R&F that love should only come if the individual remains within the org.aside from that we haver no use for you. Which my family knows to well with 1 year of chemo and the horrible effects of it afterwards no family have given a dam, but you guys have and thats what helping me so much. Please feel better my love flows through this post to you. Mommys roses were beautiful wern't day. Much hugs .NOJW

  • emyrose

    I love stopping by the roses, that's why I
    always stop by to read your sweet-scented thoughts.
    I'm sorry your're suffering w/ MS, but glad you
    noticed your freedom from the JW cult.
    Wishing you Love and Happiness,

  • Tina

    Hi sweetie!,
    Been enjoying your great posts! Just wanted to give you some hugs too!

  • think41self


    Even though I feel I'm just getting to know you through your posts, I feel moved to express my appreciation for your posts. You are a very intelligent, strong woman. You are compassionate, articulate, stimulating...and funny as hell when you want to be:>

    I was touched by your story of finding Justin, of your current struggles with MS. But that is when our true character is exposed, when we are down in the dirt and struggling...and sweetie...your character is shining as bright as a diamond!

    I hope you are serious about pursuing writing, because you truly have a way with words. You and Ginny Tosken are two of the wittiest women I have ever read. And to the other women who already posted responses to you here: Now THIS is what I call a sisterhood:> You ladies are incredible...strong, intelligent, supportive, compassionate, fierce...I would be proud to call all of you my friends!

    ((((((((((((((Essie & nojw86))))))))))))))))


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